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I am noticing what seems to be an error in css generated by themeroller. This was a 1.1.0 imported/converted to 1.1.1.

In the theme 'c' css I see the following for theme 'a'

.ui-btn-up-c a.ui-link-inherit {
color: #2F3E46 /{c-bup-color}/;


.ui-btn-hover-c a.ui-link-inherit {
color: #2F3E46 /{c-bhover-color}/;

removing all 'a' from those two blocks resolves the issue.


actually, realized the correct css should prob be:

.ui-btn-hover-c a:visited,
.ui-btn-hover-c a:hover


Someone just submitted an issue for this and it should be fixed now. Can you add a gist of the 1.1.0 theme file that you are trying to upgrade?


I am not sure it has anything to do with the upgrade. It happens anytime I edit a 1.1.1 theme. Can you confirm you would still like the original 1.1.0 css? or would you like the generated 1.1.1?


Looks like the original was a 1.0.1 file. (though it appears to have the same issue).



In 3149342 Take a look at lines 281-283, 299-301, 416, 433-434 etc, those are lines I am having probs with. (if all your themes buttons had the same color text, you wouldn't notice this issue)


Okay I found the problem. I had applied a fix but forgot to add it to the upgrade script.

Thanks again for the heads up. You can now import your bad 1.1.1 file and download again to check that TR is fixed.

Or you can just grab the result here: Let me know if you have any more issues

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