using a themeroller theme breaks JQM ajax page transitions #67

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Test case:

(Sorry this was crossposted over at jquery/jquery-mobile#3434 before I noticed themeroller had its own project page.)

Use case:

  • This problem does not exist from a master from 2 weeks ago, so it's recent (page transition merge broke it I think).
  • Simple 2 tab layout using ajax transitions.
  • Just made a theme in the themeroller on the site.
  • Just compiled jquery from master I got 30 min ago.
  • Click Test 2 at the bottom. Notice that the JS will fire off and the page will be loaded into the DOM, but you won't see it. CSS bug.
  • If the include there at the top is uncommented on the pages, then it will work fine and you will still have the custom styles (as long as it comes first). This is the temp fix and confirms the issue is with the themeroller output.
  • I'm thinking themeroller needs to be updated to include some missing CSS styles/tweaks that were recently added.
  • I downloaded the newest themeroller master from trunk and installed that. Issue persists. (see ...which uses a css theme produced by that)

Thanks @rbdrbd - This is an important issue. We'll sync ThemeRoller back up to master but I think we're going to need to wait until 1.1 is released because we'll need to add in support for 1.0 and 1.1 selection at download time in TR. The new transitions in master are still in flux so we need to wait for that to settle out.

@tybenz tybenz closed this Apr 13, 2012
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