Importing theme and adding new swatches broken? #75

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I have imported a theme that was built on TR and wanted to add new swatches, but it doesn't appear to function correctly.

If I import the theme and then add a swatch nothing shows up and clicking on the swatch letter only continues to add +'s to the side palette.

If I add a swatch first and then import the theme, then I can get access to the swatch in the side palette, but It appears broken in the preview.

Checked in all major browsers -- here's a link to a short screen recording.

tybenz commented Feb 27, 2012

can you give me a copy of the exact theme file you imported?

tybenz commented Feb 27, 2012

Ok. Well, one problem with your theme file is your Swatch A's .ui-bar-a has an incorrect text-shadow rule.

text-shadow: 0 /*{a-bar-shadow-x}*/ 0 /*{a-bar-shadow-y} 1px {a-bar-shadow-radius} #000000 {a-bar-shadow-color}*/;

It should be:
text-shadow: 0 /*{a-bar-shadow-x}*/ 0 /*{a-bar-shadow-y}*/ 1px /*{a-bar-shadow-radius}*/ #000000 /*{a-bar-shadow-color}*/;

Note that, in yours, the 1px and #000000 are commented out rendering this rule useless and breaking ThemeRoller's parsing.

The other issue here, is a bug that is currently being fixed. It has to do with the /* Structure */ comment after the swatches in the CSS file. Recently jQm changed that comment to /* Global */ so TR followed accordingly. What I overlooked, however, is that the Structure comment is crucial to parsing the CSS in ThemeRoller. It is being switched back so previously downloaded theme files will work.

@tybenz tybenz closed this Feb 28, 2012

Thanks Tyler --

It seems someone messed with the CSS and wouldn't say anything, time to use blame I think.


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