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jQuery Mobile Themeroller not working in IE9/FireFox10.0.2/GoogleChrome #80

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I have not been able to get the themeroller to work with any of the latest browsers.

It doesn't seem to matter what browser I download and install the theme roller appears not to work.

As soon as I drag a color from the colors bar to drop onto the header of a swatch, the entire panel containing the swatches changes to white background. All styles seem to be lost.

The same problem occurs if I attempt to manually change a color value in the accordian view.


I have figured out what causes it and why it seemed random to me. I was searching on Google for the theme roller and using the result found second when you search for "jquery mobile themeroller" The result comes back with the ThemeRoller | jQuery Mobile as the plain text, and the underlying URL is:

If you go in through this URL, it screws up the themeroller.


That link has a URL parameter specifying a "shared" theme. It's no longer valid. If you get rid of the ?style_id=20120126-63 at the end of the URL it will work. I have no idea why that is the one showing up under Google's search engine. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


I've added a canonical link to the index page of ThemeRoller. Now, web browsers should point to index.php without URL parameters.

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