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There are a few things that I think would polish off the existing ThemeRoller nicely:

-The ability to strip out vendor-prefixed css
-The ability to strip out css3 gradients on individual classes (not just set start and end to the same color)
-The ability to strip out css3 corner radii (not just set to 0 but actually remove the underlying code)
-Merging "Global" theme values into the individual theme values for truly independent styles
-The ability to adjust padding/margins/width/height/etc on individual classes

I realize the big issue with these things is that ThemeRoller is only overriding the core jquerymobile css, the simplest way to fix that would be to simply generate a complete jquerymobile css and not override, but rather replace the original file - this is lighter and more efficient in general rather than adding css on top of css.

The above changes would make JQM incredibly flexible and efficient, some devices really choke on a lot of css3 gradients in particular. I also love the idea in issue #22 to create device specific themes, combined with the above suggestions I believe ThemeRoller would be polished off quite nicely.

There are probably a few more things I could add to this, if I think of anything I'll update this issue.

Thanks for all your great work.


Hey Contl. First I want to say thanks for using ThemeRoller and posting your input. These are all great suggestions, especially for a developer looking for a light version of the JQM CSS.

Second I'd like to address the second paragraph of your post (the part about ThemeRoller overriding JQM's CSS). I want to clarify that point. ThemeRoller does not simply override JQM's core CSS. Actually, it parses a core JQM theme file and replaces individual values with those specified by the user. There's no reason to include the JQM default theme if you have a custom TR theme in your app. You do need to include the jQuery Mobile structure file, but there is no overlap in styling between structure and theme. The theme file generated by TR handles colors, fonts, text shadow, etc while the structure file handles the shape of things as well as width, height, padding, etc. Does this make sense?

Again, thanks for the input. All your suggestions have been added to my todo list.


Adding the ability to adjust padding/margins/width/height/etc on individual classes is the part that I thought would require replacement of the original file in it's entirety. I was also under the impression the reason for not being able to simply remove the css3 gradients or corner radii was due to the fact that code was required to disable each value in the original css rather than to simply omit it. But thanks for the additional info.

Thanks for adding this to the todo list. I got a bit shot down on my suggestion for building customized downloads of JQM.js earlier so it's nice to know that I at least have something to look forward to, I appreciate it.

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