Colour drag-and-drop #95

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If I drag a colour from the initial palette onto the "ON" state of the switch element in any swatch, it gets changed in every swatch to the same colour ( also ALL the radio and checkbox items are ovrwritten ).

tybenz closed this May 24, 2012

Why did you close this issue? Is it fixed?


tybenz commented May 31, 2012

@mrextreme Sorry for not commenting. I addressed this issue in my comment on issue #96. The jQuery Mobile Framework itself is what enforces all Active State objects to have the same global styling (see here). In other words, the Active State is supposed to behave that way. The jQuery Mobile team wanted to design a CSS framework that allowed for cohesion between different swatches. Of course, if a user wanted to override this, they could muck with CSS by hand.

(Inside tip: swatch-specific Active State classes are in the works for an upcoming release of jQuery Mobile. At that point, ThemeRoller will change accordingly)

I am glad to hear that this issue is beeing addressed. That's not cohesion, it's a sensless limitation. It was a very bad idea, too bad it made it's way to production. Everything from the Global style should be allowed to easily overwritten in a swatch, otherwise it simply destroys the purpose of templates.

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