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jQuery Tools builder


Be sure to fetch all the dependencies:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Then run the init script in the bin directory to create a clone of the jquerytools repository.

Note: Problems were reported when running the init script with git v1.6.x, upgrading to 1.7.1 fixed this.


There are a few scripts in the bin directory:


Creates a clone of the jquerytools repository on github, and sets up a tracking branch for 1.3.0. After a new clone is created, it runs the update script.


Minifies the tags and local branches available on the jquerytools repository created by the init script. You should not need to run this directly as it is automatically run by the update script.


Does a git pull on the master and 1.3.0 branches, then runs the minify script. This script is automatically run when the github post-receive-hook fires.


Starts the build server. Accepts an optional port (-p) argument:

$ ./bin/server -p 8081
Running at



Lists the available tags and branches for creating builds

GET /:version/

Creates a new jquery tools build.


  • t - Can be used multiple times to include specific files under the src directory of the jquery tools repository. Example:

  • build - Creates a pre-defined build, see the builds section for more details. Example:


POST /post_receive

The URL to use for github post-receive-hooks. Runs the update script.


There are a number of pre-defined builds available:

  • tiny - UI tools, no jQuery
  • form - Form tools, no jQuery
  • all - All tools, no jQuery
  • default - UI tools with jQuery
  • full - All tools with jquery

To update the available builds, see the lib/packages.js file.

jQuery versions

By default, the build server uses jQuery v1.4.2, but this can be overridden depending on the branch used for the build. The 'dev' branch uses jQuery v1.5.1, for example. To update these settings, see the lib/jquery_versions.js file.

Adding another branch to the build server

If you would like to start creating builds for another branch as well as 1.3.0, then you'll need to edit the init and update scripts in the bin directory.

The changes should be self-explanatory, just copy the lines related to 1.3.0 and rename to the branch on github you'd like to track.