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overlay with apple effect is not working as expected in firefox #310

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Using overlay with apple effect in firefox does not work as expected.
There is no special test case or set up. The background image expands into the top left corner.
The issue is related to a bug in firefox.

However you can work around the issue:
change lines 102, 103 to pos.left and pos.right instead of overlay.css("left"..
but this needs further testing to confirm.


i have tried this:
in overlay/apple.html changing lines 465 to 469 to this resolves the issue

        left: pos.left, 
        width: oWidth}, conf.speed, function() {

I've just tried this with firefox 5 and jquery 1.6.2 and I see no problems. Can you confirm this?


nice to have Brad Robertson doing some work on this library. I thought this project was dead, with the last release being a very long time ago.

I have had to implement several work around's over time, to deal with bugs. Can't remember them all, sorry, and have not logged them either as I thought there was no developer to fix them.

I have been using my fix documented here for a long time without any known issues.

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Ok I'll take another look. What version of jQuery are you using btw? As I said I wasn't able to reproduce this error with 1.6.2. I'm wondering if they've fixed some bugs on their end.

I'll see if this causes any issues with 1.6.2, and if it works for both, will apply the patch. Thanks for the info.


this issue was only present in version 3.6 of firefox, which is still common place.
I am using latest jQuery now.


hey guys can i have some help. i am using and i can't find where to put the code:

left: pos.left,
width: oWidth}, conf.speed, function() {[/code]

however, i found this line:
i changed "top" and "left" to "" and "pos.left" however it doesn't load my overlay.


In (v 1.2.6):

Find the code below:

And replace it with:


the code change i gave was not for the min.js file. you are editing the min.js file, where things a bit different. follow billreinhardt advice if you want to edit the .min.js file. good luck with that, i dont edit the .min.js file i compile a new one after editing the non minified. but i am sure billreinhardt has given the correct instructions so go for it.


it woudl be great if someone could actually commit this code change to git. i have been running the code change on our site since February without issue, and we have plenty of visitors that will have been testing it daily.


Sorry I somehow missed this in the 1.2.6 release. I'll be starting prioritization for 1.2.7 so I'll put this at the top of the list. Thanks again!


fix worked, thanks!

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