Tabs with a location.hash value of #!/page/ or #/page/ error #484

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jQuery 1.6.2 / jQuery Tools: github dev

Problematic line 252 of tabs.js

if (location.hash && conf.tabs == "a" && root.find("[href=" +location.hash+ "]").length) {

In my local copy replaced with, as this regex suits my usage of hash.

if (location.hash && conf.tabs == "a" && root.find("[href=#" +location.hash.replace(/[^\w]/g, "")+ "]").length) {


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for posting the above - can you please give more detail as to what you were trying to solve or do? Do you have any examples, or a demo page, where it shows your issue, and what the fix is supposed to do?



The affected line is now at line 281.

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