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jl5501 commented Sep 22, 2011

If you are using the jquery tabs, and you have divs inside the pane content, then these divs do not show.
I have tried giving the actual pane divs a class, and using divs with that class in the call to the tabs() initiator, but that makes no difference - it still hides the content of internal divs.

This has been posted before, and the solution given was to not use internal divs. This is not an option, as the pane content will be coming from the database as user entered content with a js editor.

Hopefully there is something simple I am missing here


bradrobertson commented Sep 22, 2011

can you show us your code? Would help to debug

bronson commented Feb 17, 2012

Wow, this limitation needs to be in the first paragraph of the tabs plugin description. "NOTE: you cannot use divs inside your tab panes -- they will not show up."

I spent the afternoon adding tab support and NOW I discover this... grr...

bronson commented Feb 17, 2012

Found it. It's actually not a problem with the tabs plugin but in the example css files.

For example, in the demo stylesheet http://static.flowplayer.org/tools/css/tabs-no-images.css this:

.css-panes div { ... }

should obviously be the same as your pane selector:

.css-panes > div { ... }

Otherwise ALL your divs get hidden but only the top-level ones get shown. This is assuming you're using the example pane selector of $(".css-tabs:first").tabs(".css-panes:first > div"); of course.

I apologize for thinking that such a bug could be a part of the tab selector plugin itself. :)


alibby251 commented Feb 19, 2012

No problem at all - I will close this, as it appears to be now be OK for you.

alibby251 closed this Feb 19, 2012

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