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Scrollable size #58

kucrut opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I just found out that 'size' configuration was moved from scrollable, is this intentional? I think it's an important feature so I edited the source (dirty, really :) ).

  • line 33: size: 3,
  • line 145: if (!conf.circular && i < 0 || i > self.getSize() || i < -1 || (!conf.circular &&i == (self.getSize() - conf.size + 1))) { return self; }
  • line 234: next.toggleClass(conf.disabledClass, i >= self.getSize() - conf.size );

The demo is here.

It could be really nice if you guys could improve the 'patch' and add the size option back to the tool :) Oh, and thanks for the great tools.


Personally, I don't really like the new 'page' setup. I understand that it makes the code a lot simpler but it also puts the burden on the developer to lay out the content correctly and makes it more difficult to deal with dynamic content


This has made things much harder for me. It would be nice if the size argument still worked like it did before.


Hi collinanderson,

This has already been brought back in current 1.2.6 dev branch, so unless any last-minute changes are made, you should see this reappear into production for 1.2.6

@alibby251 alibby251 closed this

Great news! Thanks.

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