Make jQuery Tools compatible with jQuery 1.7.1 #613

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duclet commented Jan 5, 2012

Just something to keep track of my changes.

@duclet duclet was assigned Jan 11, 2012

Would you know if the dev version is compatible?
I am only able to get scollable work with jquery 1.4.4

duclet commented Jan 12, 2012

Most of the packages I have used, I have not have an issue with. However, I haven't tested all of them so I wouldn't be surprised if they don't.


Hi hungrysquirrel,

When you say you can only get Scrollable to work with jQuery 1.4.4. - which version of Tools are you using? The current version of Scrollable works with jQuery 1.6.4?


Hi @alibby251,

Turns out it was a DOM ready issue with Ajax content coming in after DOM ready :(
Thanks and sorry for any trouble.


No worries - thanks for letting me know.


I've tested Overlay from Tools 1.2.7 with jQuery 1.7.1, in FF7 - so far, all demos on the Tools site work, except for some styling issues on the multiple overlay demo (demo 7 of 8). The styling issues exist on the Tools site as well, so I suspect some minor modifications are required to the code, otherwise the functionality works in FF7.

bookone commented Feb 17, 2012

hi, I have just started using jQuery Tools Scrollable and having a problem with vertical scrollable with mousewheel on jQuery 1.7.1

Scrolling up works as it was intended, however scrolling "down" does not work properly. It seems that "scrolling down action" is also interpreted by the script as scrolling up.

The same problem exists in all versions of the different browsers including webkit and IE (on windows).

I have tested with the demo code (for vertical scrollable) on this website vs different versions of jQuery. It works perfectly well with all versions of jQuery 1.6.x (tried them all).

The previous / next buttons also works fine with jQuery 1.7.1

Does anyone know whether this issue has been fixed?

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