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flashembed.getVersion is broken since flash player v10.1 #710

danielwalls opened this Issue · 5 comments

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The documentation for flashembed contains the following:

"Adobe releases Flash versions in the following format: [major, 0, fix] where the minor number is always zero. For that reason, this tool ignores the second version number and the version is given in this format: [major, fix]."

This is true up until version 10.0 but is not the case since v10.1.x. The second version number is used by Adobe.

This logic seems to be used both with the flashembed.getVersion() function and also in the configuration option 'version'.


Hi danielwalls,

Can you please let us know where you got this info from? It would help to ensure we fully understand what needs to change, if Adobe have indeed made this change?


Well the current version of Flash is 11.1.102, which doesn't have a 0 as the minor number.

For further version information please see:


Hi danielwalls,

Thanks for this - I've checked the documentation; I see what you mean about the version numbering.

Out of curiosity, what happens if you specify [11,1] as the version number? Is your app set up in such a way that it requires the .102 from the above version, or would using [11,1] work - at least in the interim / as a workaround? It may well be necessary to modify the code; I need to seek assistance on this...

@sompylasar sompylasar referenced this issue from a commit in sompylasar/jquerytools
@sompylasar sompylasar flashembed: Fixed issue #710.
External usages of flashembed.getVersion() and flashembed.isSupported() and derivatives (e.g. flowplayer options) must be updated to include the minor version component.

I've fixed the issue and sent a pull request: #818
Its description contains the documentation (as there was no documentation in the code, I haven't added it there, too).

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