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Using "circular" initially shows wrong slide if first slide not yet loaded upon init #941

neufeind opened this Issue Feb 3, 2013 · 1 comment

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neufeind commented Feb 3, 2013

(similar problem to already closed issue #87)

Using circular:false init always works fine. However with circular:true and if the first image is not yet loaded when the scrollable inits then the wrong slide is initially shown. After jumping around then everything is back to normal.

Upon hitting F5 the problem is gone (first image is in case), hitting Shift-F5 the problem repeatedly appears.

Workaround is to wait for the first image to load completely before initialising the scrollable. In my case:
$(".scrollable").scrollable({circular: true})


Hi neufeind,

Do you have an example of this we could see (preferably in something like a JSFiddle), where it shows the issue, please?

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