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Simple bug fix for radio buttons using the form validator #844

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KZeni commented Aug 20, 2012

Every radio button in a form was being required since a selector was set to ":radio". A simple fix is to change that to ":radio[required]". Sure a workaround is to use a "None" (or similar) input that's selected by default, but might as well have it only make the inputs required if specified.

0liver and others added some commits Nov 9, 2010

Fix for clicking on the next/prev month when it's been disabled via v…
…isibility: hidden closes the calendar - target is the root node instead of the button.
Fix for clicking on the next/prev month button hides calendar.
If the next/prev month buttons are hidden via visibility: hidden and the user clicks on the area where the button is after it's been hidden, the click event's target ends up being the root node. The code that checks for this expects the event to be a child of the root node instead of the root node itself, so this patch just adds a check for this.
check each tooltip for existence, fixes issue 349
rather than checking if any tooltips already exist.
this way tooltips on some elements that are reloaded via
ajax calls will continue working. the previous code would
assume all tooltips still exist if *any* of the tooltips still
exist -- even if some of them no longer exist. now, part of a
page may be changed and can have new tooltips created instead
of only the ones for elements that did not change.

resolves: #349

Signed-off-by: Adam Mckaig <adam.mckaig@gmail.com>
When you have a mask currently open and close and need another opened…
… right after. Enables chaining using the onClose callback method
Merge pull request #496 from ewheeler/dev
fix unexpected behavior when calling $('my_selector').tooltip() a second time on altered elements
Merge pull request #497 from brewt/dev
Fix for clicking on the next/prev month button hides calendar
Merge pull request #493 from 0liver/master
Added support for enclosing tooltip inside trigger element (2nd try)
Make it so not every radio input is required
I think this was a possible oversight where ":radio" was the selector for checking validity to make sure a selection was made, but it really should be ":radio[required]" since it really should allow for optional radio inputs/groups. Simple change to 1 selector did the job.
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