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Update src/overlay/overlay.js #873

merged 1 commit into from Mar 1, 2013

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jpass commented Sep 26, 2012

outerWidth() in jQuery 1.8.2 takes only [true|false] as argument

also works for jQuery 1.7.0

@jpass jpass Update src/overlay/overlay.js
outerWidth() in jQuery 1.8.2 takes only [true|false] as argument

also works for jQuery 1.7.0


exside commented on fd6d62d Oct 1, 2012



This one is a duplicate of 851: #851


Hi SBoudrias,

Thanks for this - any chance you could please pull out each patch into its own pull request? It helps in the event we have to pull a committal, if it is found to not work at a later date. I will get the above tested though!


@alibby251 Just done as you asked in PR #851, I separated them in a single commit each as that's what you want anyway if you want to revert anytime.

I added docs over to #851 PR message pointing out that the way jquery tools use these functions before have never been valid or expected behavior.


This actually helps fix another issue, with adding support for jQuery 1.9.1, into what will become Tools 1.2.8. You can see an updated version of Overlay here: - this uses the jQuery Migrate tool to make it compatible with 1.9.1; I need to get this line fixed in Overlay, in order to remove the additional plugin:

// since 1.2. fixed positioning not supported by IE6
fixed: !$.browser.msie || $.browser.version > 6, 

Any suggestions welcome...!


I've found what I believe to be a good fix for the line in my previous post - I've posted it at

Any feedback welcome please!

@alibby251 alibby251 merged commit 08011f5 into jquerytools:dev Mar 1, 2013
@thet thet referenced this pull request in plone/ May 16, 2013

jquery API fix, jq 1.8.3 compatibility, backport pull-req #5

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