A simple TicTacToe for the console written in C.
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A simple TicTacToe for the console written in C.

Please note: This project is no longer maintained. You might want to check out my TicTacToe game written in Java instead.

Getting Started

Do you want to play a round? Just download the zip file, unzip it and run TicTacToe.exe!

Or do you even want to code a little bit to improve the game? Then feel free to open up main.c in your favorite text editor or IDE, make your changes, compile everything and finally enjoy your own version of the game.


Feel free to contribute to this project! It would be awesome for me if somebody contributes to it.

So don't be shy and start coding! If you want to make sure that I like your idea, you can contact me by an Issue.

But if you decide to contribute to this project, keep in mind that finally, it is my choice to merge your Pull Request or not, so also be prepared for a negative decision.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.