This is a small training or testing project of me.
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Webdesign JR - Training Project

Welcome to my training and testing project called Webdesign JR!

Before you get started I would like to give you a few information about it. So please take a minute and read this documentation carefully.

As I already said, this project only exists for training and testing. But why is it then here on GitHub? And why is it called Webdesign JR?

The answer is very easy. It is very boring to build a project without a name or without thinking about the background of the project, for example, the goals and so on. I think you know what I mean.

So I was thinking about my own web design company when I created the project. Currently, it is not a very typical website for a web design company, but in version 2 it will be better. The first version should only be a small and very easy one.

The reason for publishing it on GitHub is that I wanted to have a place where I can manage the project easily. It is also a way to get Feedback and maybe get help in form of Contributions.

Ok, that is all about the background of my project. At last, I want to say that it is not a theme or something like that, it is just the source code of a website.

If I get very good Feedback (which won't happen, I think) I maybe build a theme out of it in the future, but actually, it is not my intention.

Attention: Version 1 of this project is no longer maintained. Development of version 2 will start soon.

Demo Site

Do you want to see the project in action? Visit my demo site:

Notice: The demo site is in German because I'm from Germany as you can see in my profile. I hope that it is no problem. If it is, contact me and then I can create the same page with Github-Pages in English because this site should stay in German.

Get Started

To get started, all you have to do is downloading the zip to your own computer.

After that, you can unzip it and upload the files with an FTP-Client to your server or put it in the htdocs or www directory of your local server.

The web server must have PHP installed, otherwise, it will not work. So please check it out first.

When you have made sure that you had done all the things mentioned above, it should work fine.

If you have any trouble with getting it to work, find a bug or have got a question, you can create an Issue.

Also, you are encouraged to open up an Issue, if you have a good idea for a new feature or something like that.

Support and Development

Every release is supported actively for 6 months, except pre-releases which have an active support for only 3 months. When the active support ends, the releases are supported further 6 months (3 months for pre-releases) and after that, the support is set completely.

The following table shows the support of every minor version.

Version Initial Release End Active Support End Security Support
0.3 30 Apr 2016 30 Jul 2016 30 Oct 2016
0.4 4 May 2016 4 Aug 2016 4 Nov 2016
0.5 17 May 2016 17 Aug 2016 17 Nov 2016
0.6 6 Aug 2016 6 Nov 2016 6 Feb 2017
0.7 17 Aug 2016 17 Nov 2016 17 Feb 2017
0.8 17 Oct 2016 17 Jan 2017 17 Apr 2017
0.9 21 Oct 2016 21 Jan 2017 21 Apr 2017
1.0 30 Oct 2016 30 Apr 2017 30 Oct 2017

Active Support: A release that is being actively supported. All bugs will be fixed and new features released continuously.

Security Support: A release that is supported for critical security issues only. Small bugs or features will be ignored completely.

Unsupported: A release that is no longer supported. You are strongly advised to upgrade to a newer version if you are still using an unsupported version. Unsupported are versions that have ended the security support phase.


Feel free to contribute to this project! Although it is a private project, it would be awesome for me if somebody contributes to it.

So don't be shy and start coding! If you want to make sure that I like your idea, you can contact me by an Issue.

But if you decide to contribute to it, keep in mind that at last, it is in my hand to merge it or not, so also be prepared for a negative decision.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

To view a copy of this license, visit

Attention: For the demo site the German copyright applies. Only the code here on GitHub is free to use, share, copy, transform and all that kind of stuff. But always keep the terms in mind. You can't use it for any commercial purposes. Also, you have to distribute your contributions under the same license and you must link to my GitHub account.

Finally, I thank you for your time that you spend on the project. Also, I must excuse me for my bad English, because I'm from Germany as I have mentioned earlier.

I hope that you can understand it. If you find a mistake, please create an Issue.

Thank you and have fun! :)