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A simple simulator for Conway's game of life written in clojure.
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An implementation of Conway's game of live together with a Swing GUI. Both written in clojure.


with leiningen (

cd clojure-game-of-life 
lein repl

Starting the game

  1. from project folder:

    lein repl   
  2. from the repl:> (life gosper-glider-gun)

This comes with five example configurations pre-defined:

  • box
  • boat
  • blinker
  • glider
  • (and best of all) gosper-glider-gun

You can also manually specify the set of points life takes. For example,> (life #{[3 1] [3 2] [3 3]}) 

makes a blinker.


git clone


Original source code: Copyright (C) 2010 Sebastian Benz The source has since been updated by Colbert Sesanker, Matt Fenwick, and Jay Vyas.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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