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;; This is where everything starts
;; Create a variable to store the path to this dotfile directory
;; (Usually ~/.emacs.d)
(setq dotfiles-dir (file-name-directory
(or (buffer-file-name) load-file-name)))
;; Create variables to store the path to this dotfile dir's lib etc and tmp directories
(setq dotfiles-lib-dir (concat dotfiles-dir "lib/"))
(setq dotfiles-tmp-dir (concat dotfiles-dir "tmp/"))
(setq dotfiles-etc-dir (concat dotfiles-dir "etc/"))
;; Create helper fns for loading dotfile paths and files
(defun add-dotfile-path (p)
(add-to-list 'load-path (concat dotfiles-dir p)))
(defun add-lib-path (p)
(add-to-list 'load-path (concat dotfiles-lib-dir p)))
(defun load-dotfile (f)
(load-file (concat dotfiles-dir f)))
;; Ensure the lib directory is on the load path
(add-dotfile-path "lib")
;; Pull in live-coding config (see
(load-dotfile "live-config/live.el")
;; Pull in personalised config
(load-dotfile "config/core.el")
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