Particle System in Clojure
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Particle System in Clojure using Quil.


Still work in progress.

Based on

Live performance


lein deps
lein run


For interactive mode:

lein deps
lein repl (or if in Emacs, nrepl-jack-in, or clojure-jack-in)

(use 'newtonian.particle-system)
(require 'newtonian.utils)
(import 'newtonian.utils.Vector2D)

    ;; Start 


;; Things to play with

;; To add repelling field, use negative mass

(add-field (Vector2D. 280.0 285.0) -100.0)

;; for attracting field, use positive mass

(add-field (Vector2D. 280.0 285.0) 500.0)

;; To remove last field added
(swap! fields pop)

;; To add particle emitter
(add-emitter (Vector2D. 330.0 280.0) (Vector2D. 1.5 1.0))

;; To remove last particle emitter added
(swap! emitters pop)


  • Drag-and-drop support for Paritcle Emitters and Fields
  • Dynamic sizing and coloring of particles with GUI
  • Dynamic force field adjustment with GUI.
  • Improve documentation
  • Settings to change frame rate, window size, renderer, etc
  • Preferences to change background color, number of particles, color of fields and emitters.
  • Collapse particle system state in a map, to allow multiple particles systems. ???
  • Aggregate force of all fields in particles, right now one field influence at a time