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% DEMO: Applying an ensemble of Exemplar-SVMs
% This function can generate a nice HTML page by calling:
% publish('esvm_quick_demo.m','html')
% Copyright (C) 2011-12 by Tomasz Malisiewicz
% All rights reserved.
% This file is part of the Exemplar-SVM library and is made
% available under the terms of the MIT license (see COPYING file).
% Project homepage:
cls = 'voc2007-bus';
%% Download and load pre-trained VOC2007 bus models
[models, M, test_set] = esvm_download_models(cls);
params = esvm_get_default_params;
%We can speed things (2x) up by turning of detections on image flips
%params.detect_add_flip = 0;
%We can also speed things up by taking a subset of models
%[models,M] = esvm_subset_of_models(models,M,1:100);
%If VOC is locally installed, let models point to local images, not URLs
local_dir = '/Users/tomasz/projects/pascal/VOCdevkit/';
if isdir(local_dir)
[models] = esvm_update_voc_models_to_local(models, local_dir);
%% Load one image, and apply bus detector
I1 = imread('000858.jpg');
esvm_apply_and_show_exemplars(I1, models, M, params);
%% Create an array of images, and apply bus detector
I2 = imread('009021.jpg');
I3 = imread('009704.jpg');
Iarray = {I2, I3};
esvm_apply_and_show_exemplars(Iarray, models, M, params);
%% Create URL-based set of images, and apply bus detector
%Show image filepaths
%Apply detector
esvm_apply_and_show_exemplars(test_set(1:5), models, M, params);
%% Set image path directory, and apply bus detector
Idirectory = '/v2/SUN/Images/b/bus_depot/outdoor/';
if isdir(Idirectory)
Ilist = list_files_in_directory(Idirectory);
Ilist = Ilist(1:min(5,length(Ilist)));
%Virtually resize all images to 200 max dim
MAXDIM = 500;
Ilist = cellfun2(@(x)(@()imresize_max(convert_to_I(x),MAXDIM)), ...
esvm_apply_and_show_exemplars(Ilist, models, M, params);
fprintf(1,'Note: not applying because %s is not a directory\n',...