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ActiveRecord statistics for DB requests, responses, sizing, connection information, and callsite logging.
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ar_stats plugin:

Use at your own risk!

A plugin that collects and periodically logs ActiveRecord requests, request sizes, responses, response
sizes, connection and callsite information.  This currently works with Rails 2.2.2 but should be
relatively painless to migrate to 2.3+.

  jrafanie at gmail dot com

To setup:
1) Download/checkout ar_stats directory to your vendor/plugins directory.

2) Require it... this is easy if done through vendor/plugins.  Otherwise, add the path to the ar_stats
directory to $: and then:
require 'ar_stats/init'

3) Configure your options somewhere in your application:
options = {}

# How frequently to log the database statistics/callsites
options[:interval] = 10

# Enable the AR stats collection and logging
options[:enabled] = true

# In addition, enable the callsites
options[:callsites_enabled]  = true

# How deep of the call stack to keep track of
options[:callsites_depth] = 10

# Minimum number of times a line of code must hit the DB to be tracked in the callsites
options[:callsites_min_threshold] = 0

# A regexp indicating what callsites to track (in this case, ignore all ActiveRecord calls and only include .rb files in the test/cases directory.
options[:app_path_regexp] = /test\/cases\/[^\/]+\.rb/

# Your logger
options[:logger] = ActiveRecord::Base.logger

# Tell ARStats to start tracking

According to these settings, the Rails logger will print messages such as these:

a) To indicate it's active:
(postgresql) Enabling active record statistics with interval [10]

b) Then, after a request has been made past the 10 second interval, you'll get a message such as:

(postgresql-log_ar_stats) interval: 10 seconds, last logged: 10.000808 seconds ago: (Sizes are estimated) {:request_max_size=>20962, :reserved_connections=>1, :max_db_seconds=>0.0103249549865723, :responses=>435, :responses_total_size=>21852, :response_max_size=>5835, :requests=>435, :established_connections=>1, :requests_total_size=>62191, :connection_pool_size=>5, :db_seconds=>0.288524389266968}

*the above messages in pp format:

In addition, if callsites are enabled, you will get a file such as log/callsites_27616.log containing information such as:
Fri May 28 22:45:19 UTC 2010 PID: 27616 - Total DB requests: 42 for 27616 in the past 10.016109 seconds...
count      callsite
42      ./test/cases/helper.rb:49:in `select_raw'
  1 of 42     ./test/cases/transactions_test.rb:87:in `test_failing_on_exception'
  1 of 42     ./test/cases/transactions_test.rb:86:in `test_failing_on_exception'
  1 of 42     ./test/cases/transactions_test.rb:24:in `test_successful'
  1 of 42     ./test/cases/transactions_test.rb:66:in `test_successful_with_instance_method'
  1 of 42     ./test/cases/transactions_test.rb:23:in `test_successful'
  1 of 42     ./test/cases/transactions_test.rb:212:in `test_manually_rolling_back_a_transaction'
  1 of 42     ./test/cases/transactions_test.rb:67:in `test_successful_with_instance_method'
  1 of 42     ./test/cases/transactions_test.rb:195:in `test_nested_explicit_transactions'
  1 of 42     ./test/cases/transactions_test.rb:213:in `test_manually_rolling_back_a_transaction'
  10 of 42     ./test/cases/transactions_test.rb:12:in `setup'
  1 of 42     ./test/cases/transactions_test.rb:196:in `test_nested_explicit_transactions'
  1 of 42     ./test/cases/transactions_test.rb:99:in `test_raising_exception_in_callback_rollbacks_in_save'

  Add unit tests
  Add support for ActiveRecord 2.3+ and 3
  Add monkey patches required to get the response sizes for the various adapters
  Refactor this mess!
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