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##This is a template for a Rails 3.1 app

To use, run this command:

rails new my-app-name -T -m jr-template.rb --skip-bundle

The -T option skips generation of Test::Unit files, because the template sets up rspec. The --skip-bundle command is ideal because the template will run that prior to finishing the app setup.

###What does it do?

  • Use rspec for testing, skip generation of view specs
  • Use Factory Girl instead of fixtures
  • Set up Cucumber to use Capybara
  • Use Simple Form
  • Generate Haml by default
  • Replace your application.html.erb with a Haml version produced by the Nifty Generators gem
  • Create a 'home' controller and set the root route to 'home#index'
  • Delete default index.html
  • Require the Coffeebeans gem, allowing you to write inline coffeescript with coffee_script_tag
  • Require Capistrano and run capify to generate config
  • Initialize a git repo and add the app's files to it, then commit them
  • Make you a sandwich

###Potential future additions

  • Auth setup
  • Bundler config and integration with capistrano