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An open source C library that incorporates useful functions, such as binary trees, linked lists, stacks, arrays, bit manipulation.


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Open Libft


Build Status Norminette Standard License

Table of Content

  1. About Open Libft
  2. Norminette
  3. Functions
  4. Setup
  5. Install
    1. local
    2. global
  6. Manual Tests
    1. arrays
    2. printf
    3. errno
  7. License

About Open Libft

An open source library with over 200 functions. This library has been used throughout my academic career in École 42 Silicon Valley. It incorporates very useful functions, including binary trees, linked lists, stacks, arrays, bit manipulation, and more. By developing this library, I gained a thorough understanding of data structures, algorithms, unit testing, continuous integration, troubleshooting, and proper documentation.


All of these functions follows the applicable styleguide standard (the norm).

Read the pdf provided to learn more: resources/norminette.pdf.

To install norminette, run the following commands:

  • gem install norminette --pre
  • gem install --user-install json -v 1.8.3

Run it in the following way:

  • norminette <path-to-c-files>


For the sake of keeping everything neat and in order, I separated the functions' declarations into different header files, corresponding to the behavior of such functions. For instance, ft_strlen can be found in ft_string.h. Also, some of the functions included don't exist in the Standard C Library, but I still kept them defined by there behavior. For example, ft_strnew can also be in ft_string.h.

Header File List of Functions
btree.h btree_create_node, btree_level_count, btree_add_node, btree_apply_infix, btree_apply_suffix, btree_apply_prefix, btree_search_item
ft_math.h ft_abs, ft_min, ft_min, ft_isprime, ft_sqrt, ft_trunc, ft_ceil, ft_round, ft_floor, ft_pow, ft_hypot, ft_sqrtl, ft_truncl, ft_ceill, ft_roundl, ft_floorl, ft_powl, ft_hypotl, ft_collatz_conjecture, ft_nextprime, ft_nbrlen, ft_factorial, ft_fibonacci, ft_find_next_prime
ft_list.h ft_lstfree, ft_lstadd, ft_lstaddback, ft_lstappend, ft_lstiter, ft_lstdel, ft_lstdelone, ft_lstreverse, ft_lstnew, ft_lstmap
ft_wchar.h ft_wclen, ft_putwchar, ft_putwchar_fd, ft_putwstr, ft_putwstr_fd, ft_wcslen, ft_wcsdup, ft_wcscpy, ft_wcsnew, ft_wcsncpy
ft_array.h ft_array_max_value, ft_array_new, ft_array_copy, ft_array_rotate_left, ft_array_rotate_right, ft_array_pop, ft_array_do_op, ft_array_delete, ft_array_print, ft_array_bubble_sort, ft_array_insertion_sort, ft_array_repeated_count
ft_stack.h ft_stck_show, ft_stck_push, ft_stck_pop
ft_errno.h ft_errno, ft_strerror
ft_ctype.h ft_isascii, ft_isalnum, ft_isalpha, ft_isblank, ft_iscntrl, ft_isdigit, ft_isgraph, ft_islower, ft_isspace, ft_tolower, ft_toupper, ft_isprint, ft_ispunct, ft_isupper, ft_islower, ft_isxdigit, ft_iswspace, ft_ismathop
ft_stdio.h ft_putchar, ft_putchar_fd, ft_putnchar, ft_putnchar_fd, t_putstr, t_putstr_fd, ft_putendl, ft_putendl_fd, ft_putnbr, ft_putnbr_fd, ft_putnbr_base, ft_putnbr_base_fd, ft_putunbr, ft_putnstr, ft_putnstr_fd
ft_matrix.h ft_matrix_new, ft_matrix_delete
ft_printf.h ft_printf, parse_specifier, print_spaces, get_attributes, get_nbr_zeroes, get_nbr_spaces, get_nbr_unsigned, format_signed, format_unsigned, print_string, print_wide_string, print_hexadecimal, print_decimal, print_octal, print_character, print_wide_character, print_binary
ft_stdlib.h ft_atoi, ft_atoi_base, ft_itoa, ft_itoa_base, ft_realloc, ft_calloc
ft_string.h ft_strequ, ft_strnequ, ft_memcmp, ft_strcmp, ft_strncmp, ft_strcat, t_strncat, ft_strchr, ft_strrchr, ft_strnchr, ft_strcpy, ft_strncpy, ft_strstr, ft_strnstr, ft_strdup, ft_strndup, ft_strnew, ft_strjoin, ft_strmap, ft_strmapi, ft_strrev, ft_strsub, ft_strtrim, ft_strtok, ft_strsplit, ft_strclr, ft_strdel, ft_striter, ft_striteri, ft_memdel, ft_memcpy, ft_memccpy, ft_memchr, ft_memmove, ft_memset, ft_memalloc, ft_strlen, ft_strnlen, ft_strlcat, ft_strlcpy
ft_strings.h ft_bzero
ft_classics.h ft_active_bits, ft_angle_to_degrees, ft_compact, ft_is_big_endian, ft_is_little_endian, ft_str_is_lowercase, ft_str_is_numeric, ft_str_is_printable, ft_str_is_uppercase, ft_str_is_palindrome, ft_str_starts_with, ft_str_ends_with, ft_do_op, ft_file_extension, ft_str_capitalize, ft_str_to_upcase, ft_str_to_lowcase, ft_program_name, ft_remove_extension, ft_str_remove_whitespace, ft_separated_values, ft_swap, ft_textstyle, ft_textstyle_reset, ft_puterror, ft_puterror_fd, ft_nbrcount, ft_wordcount, ft_wordlen, ft_char_count, ft_values_count
get_next_line.h get_next_line


Download the repository, and compile the library using the Makefile. You can use the following commands:

Command Description
make Compile the library.
make clean Remove objects files.
make fclean Remove objects files and the library.
make re Re-compile the library.
make test Compile the library, runs a series of tests.
make install Install the library.

The binary libft.a will be created at the root of the project's directory.



Copy the includes/ directory into the root of your project, and make sure to compile your source code with the following flags:

gcc libft.a -I./includes <your_file.c> -o <output_name>


Run the following command :

make install

Now you can add the <libft.h> header in your .c files!

Manual Tests

You can also run some manual tests, like the following way:


Run it with assets/array_test.c, a test file used for my array type functions.

  1. make
  2. gcc libft.a -I./includes ./assets/array_test.c -o array_test.o
  3. ./array_test.o


Run it with assets/printf_test.c, a test file used to test ft_printf.

  1. make
  2. gcc libft.a -I./includes ./assets/printf_test.c -o printf_test.o
  3. ./printf_test.o


Run it with assets/errno_test.c, a test file used for to test ft_errno.h.

  1. make
  2. gcc libft.a -I./includes ./assets/errno_test.c -o errno_test.o
  3. ./errno_test.o



All my projects are free to read/clone on GitHub. I don't expect anyone to support me, but if you want, I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. ❤️


⌄ You can also scan the code below if you would like to support me with a small amount.


I thank you in advance. 🐢 🐢 🐢


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.


An open source C library that incorporates useful functions, such as binary trees, linked lists, stacks, arrays, bit manipulation.








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