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1.0.8 release 2009-8-2

  • Fixing unauthorized errors when you before_filter :require_no_user on the UserController#create action.

1.0.7 release 2009-7-20

  • Fixing a OAuth unauthorized error when updating a user object with new oauth token/secret via the 'Register with OAuth' helper.

1.0.6 released 2009-6-29

  • Any attributes set on the User model before saving, will now be maintained after the user returns from authenticating with the oauth server.

1.0.4 released 2009-6-27

  • Bug fix

1.0.2 released 2009-6-27

  • Using oauth's callback_url parameter to control where the oauth server returns the user to the application. The callback_url parameter was temporarily disabled on major oauth sites due to security concerns, but has been resolved.

  • Removed the need to add specific oauth routes and an oauth_controller (YAY!). This makes using the plugin much easier.

1.0.1 released 2009-6-4

  • Adding helpers for the login/register buttons to be used in conjunction with authlogic_oauth

1.0.0 released 2009-5-31

  • Initial release.