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API to integrate GTK+ OS X applications with the Mac desktop

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Gtk-mac-integration Version 2.0.4
GTK+ Integration for the Mac OS X desktop, like the menubar, dock and
app bundles.

This library provides two implementations: An older Carbon
implementation (gtk-mac-integration) and a new implementation in Cocoa
(GtkOSXApplication). PyGtk bindings are provided for both, and
GtkosxApplication is gobject-introspectable.

GtkOSXApplication compiles and works with x86_64, a major failing of
the Carbon implementation, as well as resolving some other glaring
bugs. Since Apple has deperecated Carbon in OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
and is likely to remove it from a future version of the operating
system, Gtk-mac-integration is also deprecated. New ports of Gtk+
applications should use GtkOSXApplication and maintainers of older
ports are strongly encouraged to convert as soon as practical.

NB: Applications already using Gtk+-3.4 and GLib 2.36 and later should
use the GApplication/GtkApplication and GMenuModel/GMenu APIs which
make this library unnecessary.

For a rather complex example on how to use the various flavors, see
src/test-integration.c. Basic examples of using the Python bindings
will be found in their respective directories under bindings/python.

GtkOSXApplication is well documented using Gtk-Doc. To build the
documentation, pass --enable-gtk-doc to configure. A current copy may
be found online at

Some documentation for gtk-mac-integration along with more about
gtk-osxapplication may be found at

For more information about the Gtk-OSX project, please visit our
webpage at


Tarballs for distribution may be made with `make dist`, but in order
to include all three versions of python bindings this requires special

* Build both Gtk2 and Gtk3

* Build PyGObject2 and PyGObject3. PyGObject2 must be built with
  --disable-introspection in order for it to be installed in parallel
  with PyGObject3.

* Build PyGtk.

* Configure gtk-mac-integration with --python=all.
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