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Build setup to help building the Mac OS X port of GTK+
Python Shell
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Fix the repository link of cups module

The link in outdated. Updating to new link.
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This repository is used to maintain the configurations and modulesets
for building GTK+ OS X with jhbuild.

NOTE: If you only want to build GTK+, just download and follow the instructions at:

There are 3 modulesets. You can select the one which most suits you by
adding the line

to your ~/.jhbuildrc-custom, replacing "modulesets-stable" (the default) with 

 * modulesets-stable: The default, all tarball-based released sources.
 * modulesets: Sources from VCS repositories when that's available,
   with stable release revisions set for each module.
 * modulesets-unstable: The bleeding edge modulesets, pulled from VCS
   repositories with no release revisions. 

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