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Commits on May 11, 2015
  1. Fix the repository link of cups module

    Kirill Moizik authored committed
    The link in outdated. Updating to new link.
Commits on May 10, 2015
  1. @ptomato

    Build DevHelp

    ptomato authored
    DevHelp is a really nice tool to have available, so let's get it to
    build! The latest version depends on WebKit2 (the webkit2gtk3 module
    which doesn't work yet) so first of all we have to pin it to the last
    version that supported WebKit1 (module name webkit1gtk3).
    In addition, there are some M4 macros in that version that aren't
    properly set up, so building from Git is broken. That means that we use
    the tarball on modulesets as well.
    It requires gsettings-desktop-schemas, for which we add a module.
    Also, it will build without shared-mime-info, but then the doc pages
    will display as HTML source code, rather than HTML. So effectively,
    shared-mime-info is a dependency as well.
  2. @ptomato

    Update Glade

    ptomato authored
    This updates the GTK 3 version of Glade to its GNOME 3.16 version.
  3. @ptomato

    Pass --libdir to libxml2

    ptomato authored
    This is not a problem on the pinned revision of JHbuild, but newer
    versions don't pass --libdir anymore by default. However, if you are
    using the system Python and don't pass --libdir, then you will install
    your libxml2 Python module in the system Python modules directory under
    /Library. This doesn't fail the build, because of $(DESTDIR), but it
    also doesn't install the Python module in the right place.
  4. @ptomato

    Update glib-networking

    ptomato authored
    This updates glib-networking to 2.44, its Gnome 3.16 version.
  5. @ptomato

    Update Vala

    ptomato authored
    This updates Vala to 0.28, its Gnome 3.16 version.
  6. @ptomato

    Python 3 cairo module should depend on python3

    ptomato authored
    This previously had a dependency on python 2.6.
  7. @ptomato

    Update pygobject3

    ptomato authored
    Updates PyGObject to its Gnome 3.16 version.
  8. @ptomato

    Update themes modules

    ptomato authored
    This updates adwaita-icon-theme and gnome-themes-standard to their Gnome
    3.16 versions.
  9. @ptomato

    Introspectables get after dependency on g-i

    ptomato authored
    This gives introspectable modules an after dependency on
    gobject-introspection. That ensures that if you _are_ building
    gobject-introspection, then it gets built in time to generate GIR
    bindings for Pango, ATK, and GdkPixbuf.
    If that doesn't happen, then GTK can fail when generating its own GIR
  10. @ptomato

    Update core platform modules

    ptomato authored
    This updates GLib, GTK, ATK, and gobject-introspection to their Gnome
    3.16 versions.
    GTK 3.16 pulls in xorg-util-macros and libepoxy, as it previously did on
  11. @ptomato

    Use master branch of libepoxy

    ptomato authored
    The commit allowing libepoxy to build without X11 was merged to
    libepoxy's master, so we no longer need to reference the GitHub pull
    request there.
  12. @ptomato

    Rename repo to "freedesktop"

    ptomato authored
    On modulesets, rename the git repository to "freedesktop"
    rather than "cairographics", because we are about to bring in a module
    that has nothing to do with cairo.
  13. @ptomato

    Update gtk-osx-bootstrap modules to Gnome 3.16

    ptomato authored
    This updates yelp-tools and yelp-xsl to 3.16.1. On modulesets, pick the
    master branch for yelp-tools, because it hasn't branched for several
    release cycles now.
  14. @ptomato

    Add note for WebKit patch

    ptomato authored
    This patch apparently worked around a compiler bug that was fixed in
    XCode 6.3. Add a note to that effect so that we know when the patch can
    be deleted.
  15. @ptomato

    Fix py2cairo-python2.6 linking

    ptomato authored
    When building a Python native module, the Waf build system will override
    your CFLAGS with whatever CFLAGS Python thinks you need. If you don't
    build Python from jhbuild, you're using the system Python which is a
    multi-arch binary, and so Waf will force your pycairo module to be
    multi-arch as well. That doesn't work when linking against Cairo which is
    not multi-arch.
    This works around Waf adding -arch flags to the command line and allows
    our gtk-osx-build -arch flag to take precedence.
  16. @ptomato

    Update external libraries

    ptomato authored
    This updates:
    libpng 1.6.14 -> 1.6.17
    icu 54.1 -> 55.1
    harfbuzz 0.9.35 -> 0.9.40
    libgcrypt 1.6.2 -> 1.6.3
    libtasn1 4.2 -> 4.4
    libwebp 0.4.2 -> 0.4.3
Commits on May 2, 2015
  1. Delete the universal and framework build options.

    Neither ever really worked and so weren't maintained.
Commits on Apr 22, 2015
  1. @ptomato

    Update gettext-runtime

    ptomato authored committed
    Since we updated gettext-tools in bootstrap.modules, update gettext-
    runtime to the same version.
  2. @ptomato

    Update versions of bootstrap modules

    ptomato authored committed
    This updates to xz 5.2.1, Gettext 0.19.4, CMake 3.2.1, Libtool 2.4.6,
    and Intltool 0.51.0.
  3. @ptomato

    Add Automake 1.15

    ptomato authored committed
    Newer jhbuild seems to want a module called "automake" which it adds
    automatically as a dependency to every autotools module. I'm not sure
    that's a great idea, but calling the current version of the Automake
    module "automake" increases compatibility without harming anything, so
    that's what I've called it.
  4. @ptomato

    Fix example .jhbuildrc

    ptomato authored committed
    autogenargs is for global arguments, module_autogenargs is for module-
    specific ones.
Commits on Apr 19, 2015
  1. Merge pull request #40 from ptomato/fix-girscanner

    Build gnutls without p11-kit
  2. @ptomato

    Build gnutls without p11-kit

    ptomato authored
    For some bizarre reason, gnutls with p11-kit support causes g-ir-scanner
    to crash, if you have installed glib-networking.
Commits on Apr 7, 2015
  1. Merge pull request #38 from ptomato/more-fixes

    Miscellaneous fixes from Phil Chimiento.
  2. @ptomato

    Update gtksourceview to 3.14

    ptomato authored
  3. @ptomato

    Point local patch paths back at git

    ptomato authored
    These probably slipped in during testing.
  4. @ptomato

    Don't pass --libdir to openssl's Configure

    ptomato authored
    The "Configure" script included with openssl doesn't understand --libdir,
    nor does it understand "--prefix /path", only "--prefix=/path". Correct
    autogen-template to take this into account.
  5. @ptomato

    Correct openssl arch on x86_64

    ptomato authored
    64-bit needs to be called "darwin64" instead of "darwin"
Commits on Apr 1, 2015
Commits on Mar 29, 2015
Commits on Mar 22, 2015
  1. Put stack_size linker flag in the right place

    John Ralls authored
    Having it in $LINKSHAREDFLAGS passes it on to shared libraries linked
    against libpython  and -stack_size is allowed only on executables.
  2. Patch yet another enchant bug.

  3. Make pybsddb dependency on berkeleydb soft on berkeleydb or berkeleyd…

    Matching other berkeleydb-dependent packages.
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