Scripts to automatically tag your music library with data.
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Scripts to automatically tag your music library with data.


The following gems are utilized and must be installed separately.

  • rubygems
  • id3
  • json
  • net/http

You will need to set an environment variable with your API key, or edit a script file and include your key manually.



Query for tag information. This output will be written to artist_tags.json.

ruby scripts/genre.rb --refresh-tags

Using the contents of artist_tags.json, update the id3v2 tags in your MP3 files. Assumes music library is organized by Artist.

ruby scripts/genre.rb --update-tags

Disclaimer: is a registered trademark of Ltd. This project is not in any way endorsed by or related to Ltd. It is a personal project of jramos. The code is being provided for educational purposes only. The author is not responsible for any damage or loss of data resulting from their use.

Please backup your MP3 library before running these scripts. Use at your own risk.