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Automatic dark mode, switches Sublime Text's UI according to your OS's appearance.
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auto-dark plug-in for Sublime Text

Automatic dark mode, switches Sublime Text's UI according to your operating system's appearance.



Plugin documentation is available in English via the menu or command palette.


German (Deutsch)

Eine plug-in Dokumentation ist über das Menü oder die Kurzbefehleingabe (command palette) verfügbar.



auto-dark targets and is tested against the latest Build of Sublime Text, currently requiring Build 4065+ or Build 3006+.


Using Package Control is not required, but recommended as it keeps your packages (with their dependencies) up-to-date!

Installation via Package Control


Automatically switch Sublime Text's UI with your operating system's appearance:

  • when switching tabs within or switching to Sublime
  • or every 5 mins (on the clock)

auto-dark will copy:

  • color_scheme.light
  • or color_scheme.dark

to color_scheme as well as:

  • theme.light
  • or theme.dark

to theme in Preferences.sublime-settings at that time. You can use the resource name instead of its full (local) resource path.

Source Code


Copyright (c) 2020 Johannes Rappen, ISC License

See jrappen/sublime-auto-dark:LICENSE@master.


Copyright (c) 2016 Deathaxe, MIT License

See deathaxe/


Please use the command palette or the main menu to report an issue.


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