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auto-dark plug-in for Sublime Text

Automatic dark mode, switches Sublime Text's UI according to your operating system's appearance.


auto-dark targets and is tested against the latest Build of Sublime Text, currently requiring Build 4065+ or Build 3006+.


Using Package Control is not required, but recommended as it keeps your packages (with their dependencies) up-to-date!

Installation via Package Control


Automatically switch Sublime Text's UI with your operating system's appearance:

  • when switching tabs within or switching to Sublime
  • or every 5 mins (on the clock)

auto-dark will copy:

  • color_scheme.light
  • or color_scheme.dark

to color_scheme as well as:

  • theme.light
  • or theme.dark

to theme in Preferences.sublime-settings at that time. You can use the resource name instead of its full (local) resource path.

Source Code


Copyright (c) 2020 Johannes Rappen, ISC License

See jrappen/sublime-auto-dark:LICENSE@master.


Copyright (c) 2016 Deathaxe, MIT License

See deathaxe/


Please use the command palette or the main menu to report an issue.


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