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Install Solr as an App service with one-click deployment. Primary selection is the desired Solr version, e.g. 7.2.1.
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Deploy to Azure

Install Solr as an App Service in about 10 minutes. Click the button above and follow the prompts. Full credit goes to Dan Cruickshank. His guide was used as the basis for this one-click deployment:

This script sets the httpsOnly property to true by default, but it can be modified in the parameters (in the prompts).

Verified on Solr 6.6.2 and 7.2.1.

Sitecore Solr-AzureAppService

To use this guide for Sitecore development, please see the ReadMe on the Sitecore branch:

Deployment Summary

  1. [Deploy to Azure] button looks for azuredeploy.json file at repo root
  2. azuredeploy.json deploys resources. Notable steps listed below:
    1. solrVersion parameter is added as an appSetting to the web app. This is required to parameterize it when calling Deploy-SolrAzureAppService.ps1
    2. web > config resource. Sets javaVersion to 1.8 which supports all (?) Solr versions
    3. sourcecontrols resource. This is the brains of the operation. It deploys THIS repository to your web app.
      1. With this resource deployment, if a file named .deployment exists at the repo root, it is executed once the repo has been cloned to your web app
  3. The .deployment file calls Deploy-SolrAzureAppService.ps1 with the Solr version as a parameter (parameters are only accessible from the .deployment file).
  4. Deploy-SolrAzureAppService.ps1 is where the majority of work occurs. This is where Dan's manual work was implemented in an automated fashion
    1. This script downloads and extracts the desired Solr version to the web root
    2. It also copies the web.config from the repo to the web root

View deployment logs

To see the deployment logs, find your deployed App Service in Azure, then in the left-hand navigation select Development Tools > Advanced Tools (Kudu), then click Go to launch Kudu. Once Kudu launches in a new tab, from the primary navigation select Tools > Zip Push Deploy. Once this page loads, expand the deployment steps at the bottom to see the log output and any errors.


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