A collection of Nomad job files for deploying applications to a cluster
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Continuous delivery examples for Nomad jobs.

This is a repository to hold the various Nomad job files I create and use. Included is also the corresponding Jenkinsfile for automated deployments and the Jenkins JobDSL file for configuring the Jenkins job.

This project sacrifices DRY in order to make the structure and usage clearer.


This example repository is configured to use Levant, an open source templating and deployment tool for HashiCorp Nomad jobs that provides realtime feedback and detailed failure messages upon deployment issues. Levant was written because Nomad does not support some important templating and deployment features, and this repository represents a simple way to use the tool in a large scale, multi-environment setup.

Directory Structure

The directory structure is designed to be easy to navigate, yet highly descriptive of your Nomad deployments throughout you environments.

Jobs Directory

The /jobs holds the Nomad job specification and deployment scripts. The directory is split into sub-directories named by the Nomad job.

  • job-name.groovy The .groovy files are Jenkins JobDSL which can be used to configure the deployment job correctly and in an automated, codified manner. Details about the JobDSL plugin and basic usage information can be found on the GitHub page.

  • job-name.nomad The Nomad job specification template file.

  • Jenkinsfile A Jenkinsfile is a text definition of the unit of work which the Jenkins deployment job will undertake.

Variables Directory

The /variables directory holds environment specific variables for each Nomad job. The directory can be split to better suit your needs, in this example, it is split by environment like /variables/prod. Within the subdirectory sits the variables files which correspond to a job that is held within the /jobs directory.

The variables configured for the nonprod environment should work in a local development setup when Nomad is run with nomad agent -dev.

Util Directory

The /util directory contains utility scripts which can be used from CI infrastructure to run common tasks on the desired job such as stop.


Any contributions are much appreciated. Please submit Pull Requests and Issues to the nomadfiles project on GitHub.