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<aura:component >
<!-- Address to send Google to get more information -->
<aura:attribute name="address" type="String" access="global" default="1 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA" />
<!-- Google API key to send if needed; OPTIONAL -->
<aura:attribute name="apikey" type="String" access="global" />
<!-- Message information for ui:message component -->
<aura:attribute name="msg" type="String" default=""/>
<aura:attribute name="msgSeverity" type="String" />
<aura:attribute name="msgTitle" type="String" />
<!-- Add utils component to use aura:method -->
<c:Utils aura:id="utils" />
<div class="slds">
<!-- User input to ask for address and API key if needed -->
<lightning:input type="text" label="Address" name="{!v.address}" value="{!v.address}" />
<lightning:input type="text" label="API Key" name="{!v.apikey}" value="{!v.apikey}"/>
<!-- Send request to Google on button click -->
<lightning:button label="Call Ajax" onclick="{!c.buttonPress}" />
<!-- Display errors or return text on success -->
<aura:if isTrue="{! v.msg != '' }">
<ui:message severity="{!msgSeverity}" title="{!v.msgTitle}">