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Thumbnail sizes in default 'thumbsizes' always created #8

joelpet opened this Issue Aug 24, 2009 · 8 comments

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joelpet commented Aug 24, 2009

Since some recent update, it seems like the thumbnails 'small', 'medium' and 'large' (defined in $MeioUpload->defaultOptions['thumbsizes']) are always created no matter what I specify in my model. E.g. I only want 'normal' and 'small' to be created, but 'large' and 'medium' are also made despite my wishes.

I commented out the defaultOptions for the three default sizes, which solved the problem, which I don't believe introduced any new issues.

By the way, shouldn't 'normal' thumbsizes go into 'dir' directly and not in 'thumb/normal'?

jrbasso commented Aug 24, 2009

You tried with master version?

joelpet commented Aug 25, 2009

I did a fresh git clone git:// app/plugins/meio_upload, which I presume should give me the master version. Is that correct?

You might want to have a look at my "test" in That same fixture gives me all the thumbnail directories, despite the configuration which only specifies the 'normal' thumbsize.

jrbasso commented Aug 25, 2009

Thanks, I will simulate this. To have the master version can be with git clone (as you say) or, if your project using git, git submodule.
One thing: the master is not always the most stable version. And you need apply git pull some times in the clone.


Seems to be a problem with $this->_arrayMerge(). Will look into this shortly.


jose: Does my fix in _arrayMerge() solve this issue?


Pulled in his changes from Issue #6. In retrospect, it makes little sense to force someone to generate thumbnails. From now on, the user must specify each thumbnail size and quality if they would like to create a thumbnail. Closing.


closed by 37c5ba6


Woops, this wasn't closed :)

This issue was closed.
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