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# Gist It!
+Gist It is an application to create gists from console. It allows to create
+gist from input (ie, `git diff | gistit`) or from a specific file (ie,
+`gistit -f file.txt`).
## Compiling
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cd ..
+## Web Application
+The web application uses [node.js]( To run, it requires two
+environment variables:
+- `GITHUB_CLIENT_ID` It contains the client ID of GitHub application
+- `GITHUB_SECRET_KEY` It contains the secret key of GitHub application
+### Deploying
+The web application can be deployed easily to [heroku](
+- Create the application: `heroku create <APPLICATION_NAME>`
+- Push the code: `git push heroku master`
+- Set the GitHub application information: `heroku config:add GITHUB_CLIENT_ID=<CLIENT_ID>`
+and `heroku config:add GITHUB_SECRET_KEY=<SECRET_KEY>`

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