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Format and prettify HCL files
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Archived project. No maintenance.

This project is not maintained anymore and is archived. Feel free to fork and make your own changes if needed. For more detail read my blog post: Taking an indefinite sabbatical from my projects

Thanks to everyone for their valuable feedback and contributions.

hclfmt Build Status

hclfmt is a command to format and prettify HCL files. It's similar to the popular gofmt command. Hook it with your favourite editor or use it from the command line.


If you have Go installed just do:

go get

Editor integration


The usage is similar to gofmt. If you pass a file it prints the formatted output to std output:

$ hclfmt config.hcl

You can pass the -w flag to directly overwrite your file:

$ hclfmt -w config.hcl

If no arguments are passed, it excepts the input from standard input.


The BSD 3-Clause License - see LICENSE for more details

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