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Guide to Markdown Mode for Emacs
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Guide to Markdown Mode for Emacs

By Jason R. Blevins

Ebook available on Leanpub, iBooks, and Kindle. Paperback edition available at Amazon.

About the Book

Teaser Text

To celebrate Markdown Mode's 10th birthday, this comprehensive Guide from the package author and maintainer covers everything from the basics to advanced editing commands, customization, interactions with other packages, and useful tips and tricks to make writing and publishing with Markdown more enjoyable and efficient.


The Guide to Markdown Mode for Emacs is a complete reference for the markdown-mode package for users of all levels. The book supplements the online documentation by providing more details about installation, configuration, and movement and editing commands. There are examples throughout that show the Emacs way of editing as it relates to Markdown. Additionally, the book covers more advanced usage such as subtree and structure editing, defun and page movement, marking, narrowing, region management, imenu, etc. It goes beyond the basic documentation by also discussing interaction with other packages such as Flyspell mode, CriticMarkup mode, Pandoc mode, Deft, HTML as Markdown mode, MathJax, and more. Finally, it also contains tips and tricks for custom configuration options such as custom CSS stylesheets, using pre- and post-processors, customizing faces, keeping notes in a local wiki, etc.

You can support the project by purchasing the book on Leanpub, where it is available in PDF, EPUB, and Mobi formats for offline reading on mobile devices. When you buy the book on Leanpub, you will also receive a high-resolution PDF quick reference card (half-letter size for easy printing). Alternatively, you can purchase the ebook on the Apple iBooks Store or the Amazon Kindle Store or the paperback version on Amazon. All ebook editions, whether purchased on Leanpub or elsewhere, will receive free updates.

Meta Description

The Guide to Markdown Mode for Emacs covers installation and configuration, advanced editing commands, customization, and useful tips and tricks.


Unless otherwise noted, the contents of this repository are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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