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Releases: jrbudda/Vivecraft_111

Vivecraft 1.11.2 v12 - Twirling, twirling, twirling.

20 Jul 15:26
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Update 11/11/2021

  • Support Microsoft Store launcher

update 4/25/2021

  • Fix forge installation
  • Fix installer on Java16

r6: Fix reference to maven url that no longer exists.
r5: fix death drops/messages under Forge, fix installer not un-setting modpack dir on re-installation.
r2 update: default to old menu room if low RAM allocation. Slightly shrink installer window.
r1 update: fix crash with BetterFoliage mod

New Installer options:

  • Custom Profile Name: ticking this in the installer will allow you to enter a custom profile name. This means you can install the same version of Vivecraft multiple times with different options and not overwrite the one profile.
  • Modpack Directory - ticking this allows you to set the profile's 'Game Directory' during installation. This is the preferred way to play Vivecraft with a modpacks (such as from the FTB/Curse/Twitch launcher). Previously you would have to install Vivecraft and then edit the profile settings in the launcher, now it can be done during installation.

Onward-style joystick/touchpad analog movement:

VR Settings > Locomotion Settings > Freemove Type > Set to 'Joy/Pad'

  • Does NOT change any existing keybinds, you will want to review your button bindings. There is a shiny new button binding selction GUI just for this.
  • You do not need 'Move Forward' bound to anything.
  • Things that require pressing the 'Move Forward' keybind will require touching the 'forward' area of the touchpad/joystick in this mode. This includes teleporting and grabbing with the left hand climbey claws.

Vive Controllers

  • Disables anything bound to 'swipes' on the left controller touchpad.
  • Does NOT disable actions bound to pressing in the 4 areas of the left touchpad, although you may want to just change them all to jump or sprint.

Touch Controllers

  • Disables anything bound to joystick up/down/left/right on left controller. You need to relocate these bindings.
  • Does not check if you're 'touching' the joystick, let me know if it should (due to insufficent deadzone or something)

New keybinding menu

  • Select from full list of available actions instead of having to cycle thru them one by one, who designed that crap in the first place?

Vivecraft 1.11.2 v11 - We go fishin' or go swimmin' in the sea

02 Jul 00:11
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r5 update: fix inconsistency with Patreon rewards
r4 update: fix logged error with Forge and pick block button.
r3 update: fix crash with witches.
r2 update: Improve chunk loading. Fix invisible chunks in MR mode.
r1 update: fix TE crash and add more kiosk restrictions.

  • Update Optifine to latest (C3)
  • Update Forge to latest (2388)
  • Fixed up projectiles when playing on a LAN.

NONVR Companion 7r1 - fix animations.

Vivecraft 1.11.2 v10 - Little Black Backpack

23 May 19:55
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r4 update: fix SteamVR keyboard not coming up when clicking on text boxes on main menu.
r3 update: fix some console spam.
r2 update: Fix mine button glitch and 'hacking' invalid item multiplayer disconnect.
r1 update: hopefully fix game menu not opening and windows start menu issues.

  • Added 'backpack' hotbar switching. Reaching behind you with the main hand will swap to hotbar slot 1 (or back to the last used) Doing so with the offhand will swap hotbar slot 2 with the offhand slot. Bows do not work offhand, sorry. (thanks to cincodenada for the original idea)
  • Made getting off the top of ladders a bit easier
  • Fix end credits screen, I think.
  • GUI over blocks now scales with distance.
  • New haptic feedback in various circumstances.
  • SteamVR Keyboard only opens automatically when a textbox can't be clicked. Made clicking on clickable textboxes open the steamvr keyboard.
  • SteamVR Keyboard now positioned a little nicer.
  • When a pressing a controller button now send a keystroke to the game window instead of pressing the keybind. This improves compatibility with Forge mods that only exclusively check the keyboard.
  • Fixed spawn position sometimes not being right especially under forge(?)
  • Fixed indexoutofbounds crash especially common using Mixed Reality.
  • Fixed hotbar scroll/swipe being backwards under forge.
  • Left Appmenu button now sends a keyboard 'ESC' instead of directly opening the menu. Better interaction with mod GUIs.
  • Fiddle with how left-click works. No longer spams arm swings when clicking empty air. Useful for precise Wynncraft spells.
  • Your hands will always appear rendered in front of any GUIs. Recommended to now always use 'hud occlusion:off'. Hand rendering may jump around using shaders and opening GUIs. Tough.
  • Fix keyboard input sometimes breaking especially when using Fullscreen.
  • Sprint/sneak icons render when playing with Forge.
  • Fix Nether/End being broken under Forge.
  • Fix startup crash with iVRy and Vridge (error 4)
  • Disabled hosting a LAN server because it's buggy, use dedicated server instead.
  • Disabled shaders "Render Quality" setting because it breaks everything and we have our own render scale setting anyways.

Vivecraft 1.11.2 v9 - The Re-enforgening.

28 Apr 20:08
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r1 update: fix CreativeTabs crash.
r2 update: new keyboardInjector for typing on mods, fix sleeping, and openvr search path.
r3 update: fix ladders

Forge support. Please report bugs on the issue tracker.

New Installer Features:

  • If intstaller cannot detect the correct Forge version it will download it and launch the Forge installer for you.
  • You can select your profile RAM allocation from the installer. 2GB is the default. More is recommened for Forge.
  • Fixed installer not setting profile as active in the new launcher.

KATVR Integration.

  • Vivecraft now natively supports the KAT WALK omni treadmill. Select the KATVR option during installation if you have one.

NONVR Companion also now supports Forge.

Vivecraft 1.11.2 v8 - I Pledge Allegiance.

09 Mar 01:57
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r1 update:

  • Fix MR cam shader inversion.
  • Left clicking air now sends an animation packet to the server like vanilla does. Some plugins use this packet for... stuff. Magic stuff.

  • Added Patreon rewards.
  • Support for new climbey white/blacklisting by block type.
  • Changes to Climbey jump physics: no longer removes air drag in single-player (to make it consistent with multiplayer). Add more horizontal speed when launching to sorta compensate.
  • Fix keyboard closing in seated mode.
  • Fix fullscreen turning off if window loses focus
  • Fix internal rendering resolution wrong ... durrr
  • Fix VR animation not respecting 'reverse hands' option.
  • Fix Undistorted Mirror mode not working properly with Shaders on.
  • Add --kiosk startup argument to disable in-game menu on controllers.
  • Pressing 'done' on the SteamVR keyboard will send a chat message.
  • Chat window will not close when using steamvr keyboard and hitting enter.
  • Totally fail, again, to make the mixed reality camera offsets behave like I want.
  • Added small chance of spawning magic things in your inventory on spawn.
  • Fixed some ladder climbing issues that were in 8pre.

Non-VR companion

  • Fix VR animation not respecting 'reverse hands' option.
  • Added Patreon rewards.

Vivecraft 1.11.2 v7 - I'm Hysterical and I'm Wet

07 Feb 02:21
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r1 update: fix riftcat/vridge making up new error numbers.

New teleporter-water interaction

  • Teleporter now teleports you a block down into the water.
  • What happens after that depends on your Simulate Falling and Roomscale Swimming options.
    • If Simulate Falling is off you will just sit there, otherwise you will sink and then:
      • If roomscale swimming is ON you will sink to about your neck. you can roomscale swim or
        teleport again.
      • if roomscale swimming is OFF you will sink. Like a rock. Hold Jump to surface and teleport.
  • If your teleport arm is already under water, you can teleport to the bottom.

New Run n' Jump climbeymotion.

  • if you hold Move Forward while ClimbeyJumping you will run forward in your look direction (overides controller/RIP setting since your hands are busy).
  • Adds horizontal velocity to your jump.
  • If you use this a lot you might consider putting yourself in freemove-HMD mode.
  • Works better if you let go of both buttons at the same time to jump.


  • Added little poofs of dust while climbey climbing.
  • Climbing and jumping cause hunger.
  • New animation for shield. Now properly shows when shield starts working.
  • Added option for seated HUD to follow crosshair instead of HMD.
  • Added back crosshair scaling and crosshair size options.
  • Added seated option to use crosshair direction instead of hmd.
  • Added elytra icon to HUD while you're flying.

Fixes and changes.

  • Fix Climb Claws rendering
  • Check for Unbreakable on claws and boots to prevent making them with an anvil.
  • Climb Claws work in TP mode if Simulate Falling is on.
  • Jumping with jump boots capped to a total velocity of 1.4 (before leaping potion multiplier), that's about 12 blocks straight up.
  • Similarly wall-jumping capped to a total velocity of 1.0.
  • Maybe workaround steamvr freezing up randomly.
  • Always change vertical offset when riding something. Fixes llamas. (seriously)
  • Fix right click spam when touching an animal.
  • Force-disable terrible optifine option.
  • Replace Blue Circle Buddy with Square Shadow Buddy
  • Fix wearing Jump Boots in seated mode allowing unlimited horizontal speed, whee!
  • No Jump Boots in teleport mode.
  • Fix jump boots not honoring world rotation.
  • Killed all the circles. Anything circular is now squareular.
  • Teleport splash now shows your exact destination bounding box footprint.
  • Fix game not starting with VRidge due to chaperone failure.
  • Fixed up the code for climbing up on a ledge with the Climb Claws.
  • Riding and Elytra-ing now use the HMD direction for steering if you are using that freemove type. Teleport and RIP mode use controller pointing.
  • Fix roomscale swimming so Steve wouldn't start drowning if you, the player, was much taller than him at and at the surface.

Update to OpenVR 1.0.5. (update both versions of the game if you play both, plz)

Completely fail to add local offsets and rotations for the Mixed Reality 3rd controller mode.

Vivecraft 1.11.2 v6 - You crazy bastard you actually did it.

04 Feb 00:59
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  • Added craftable items that enable 2-handed standing long jump, free climbing, and wall-jumping. Check out for full details!
  • Tweaked run-in-place direction detection

Mixed Reality!

  • This is all Techjar, thank him.
  • Added 4-pane unity style layout as option.
  • Added undistorted pass as option
  • Add alpha mask as option
  • Added 3rd controller support.

Smoooooth animations

  • Interpolate VR animations. Thanks Techjar.
  • Fix seated animations

New Things

  • Added option to turn off 'animal touching' so you can slap pigs around again.
  • Added a new internal way to teleport in multiplayer to bypass some anti-cheat checks that were causing rubberbanding. Requires newest Vivecraft Spigot Extentions to work but backwards compatible if needs be.
  • You can now bind actions to 'swiping' the Vive touchpads up, down, left or right. The hotbar next/prev commands that were on the left controller are now on the right. If you can't deal with that change, well, you can bind it back. The right touchpad up/down is still hardcoded to scrolling if a menu is open.
  • You can now bind actions to the Touch right joystick up, down, left and right. The right joystick up/down is still hardcoded to scrolling if a menu is open.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the clipping distance on clouds (shoulda done that a long time ago)
  • Fixed very fast button presses being ignored cause minecraft is slow. Thanks Techjar.
  • Fixed some menu's scrolling to the bottom using the touchpad.
  • Changed default optifine 'chunk updates per frame' setting to 5 (from 1) and maximum to 15 (from 5). This should help load the world faster.

NonVR Companion (v4)

  • Interpolation and animation fixes.

Vivecraft 1.11.2 v5 - Welcome to the Main Event

21 Jan 08:13
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r1 update - fix backspace from steamvr keyboard.

Cool stuff

  • Added Techjar's awesome new main menu world system. It's awesome and there's some fun suprises built in.
  • Render a better thing when wearing a pumpkin head

Lukewarm stuff

  • Fix major bug with FSAA
  • Fixed boats not being steerable (uhh... oops?)
  • Quieted the damn optifine md5 error spam on startup
  • Fix teleporting onto lilypads
  • Interpolate world scale for smooth growth/shrink. If you've never noticed, Vivecraft adds 2 new items to the Brewing tab...
  • Better handing of room origin interpolation to fix some jitter, espeically in seated mode while turning
  • Fixed hopefully last little bit of horse jitter
  • Allow use of Vivecraft keybinds in seated mode (like quick torch, rotate left/right, hotbar next/prev)
  • Re categorize Vivecraft keybinds so they appear together in vanilla Controls menu.
  • Fix 'simulate falling = off' not working right in seated mode or with roomscale climbing turned on.
  • Maybe fix some oddities using Vivecraft as LAN host.
  • Calm down the hurt pulse effect a little.
  • Fix arrow direction wrong when shooting bow from a boat with roomscale rowing turned on (you people and your hobbies...)

Hot stuff

  • Started whittling away number of edited files in preparation for Forge integration. (Actually removed 10, which is kind of a big deal)

NonVR Companion

  • No changes.

Vivecraft 1.11.2 v4Real - NO SCOPE CORNSHOT

12 Jan 20:41
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r1 update: fix transparency on achievements screen.
r2 update: fix installer failing if target directory no existy.
r3 update: fix main menu crosshair position in standing mode.
r4 update - fix stencil random failures.

  • New oobly woobly default shader effects for underwater, being hurt, in a portal, or having your face in a block.
  • Brand new Main Menu system courtesy of Techjar. The main menu will now position itself in your view. Expect some cool new things here in the future.
  • Hitting dirt with a hoe in roomscale will create farmland. This is the real Farming Simulator 2017 right here, folks.
  • The installer now does a little more work in finding and verifying the correct base game jar instead of leaving it entirely up to the launcher.
  • Lots of little bugfixes:
    • Fixed rendering of leashes and fishing lines while seated
    • Fixed nameplate rotation being not quite right (actually a vanilla bug, but very noticeable in VR)
    • Fixed up horse riding, somewhat.
    • Fixed UI not showing up properly on the Mixed Reality display mirror.
    • Fixed Mixed Reality 'snap camera' button combo set to the wrong buttons.
    • Fixed Undistorted Display Mirror showing invisible chunks at the edges if the FOV was above 70. (thanks Techjar)

NON-VR Companion (v3r2)

  • r1: Fixed installer not installering hard enough.
  • r2: Add new installer features to nonvr companion

Vivecraft 1.11.2 v4 - Just Testing

06 Jan 08:09
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This is a preliminary release that will be replaced later with new features and more entertaining update notes.