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@jrbudda jrbudda released this Jan 7, 2018

Alpha Builds (1/6 - 3/11/2018)

New Mirror Mode

  • Added '3rd person' mirror mode. Uses Mixed Reality Camera positioning and renders vanilla player. More to come on this mode. See here for how to position the camera.
  • Removed 1/3 framerate mirror modes as they are pointless and clog up the menu.
  • F5 now cycles thru mirror modes.
  • Render a small window showing the desktop mirror next to the 'camera' widget using 3rd person or MR mirror node. Allows you to see yourself in-headset.


  • Update OpenVR wrapper from 1.0.5 to 1.0.12, Make sure you're on a main SteamVR branch.
  • Fix controllers not working at all when steamvr render model interface is out to lunch.
  • Fix xbox controllers being detected as 3rd tracked controller (thanks Valve!)
  • Singleplayer games should now pause when opening the SteamVR dashboard or keyboard.
  • Steamvr keyboard no longer opens automatically when you sleep, (since it now pauses the game)
  • Fix openvr natives not being installed if your game directory was on the drive root (i.e. C:\DW20)
  • Fix crash using Riftcat or similar and not being in 'seated' mode.
  • Fix controllers not showing up or working if game is started before they are tracking in SteamVR.


  • The 'walk up blocks' locomotion setting now applies to normal movement, not just roomscale, and supercedes the vanilla 'autojump' setting. Kangaroo Sim VR has been discontinued.
  • Added option to disable roomscale bow entirely or just for mod items. Requires updated server plugin for multiplayer.
  • Fix unexpected influence of crosshair pointing direction when starting a jump while sprinting.


  • Can now choose custom Forge version during install. This voids the warranty.
  • Update MultiMC compatibility for 0.6.0+
  • Fix installer not displaying custom profile name on final popup.


  • Fix 'entity outlines' from spectral arrow or glowing poition/effect totally breaking rendering.
  • 3rd person and shaders shadow rendering now uses the multiplayer model of yourself so you can see arm movements.
  • Improve 'end portal' render to not break your brain
  • Crosshair now lays flat when on a block in range.
  • Fixed player shadow location with shaders
  • Improved effects for player on fire.
  • Force GUI scale to 'large' always. Fixes gui's too small for non-unicode languages.
  • Fix mipmap/blur issue causing shimmery leaves and other texture problems in right eye when holding an item.
  • Fix some held blocks and items losing their color during the 'fade in' when switching items.


  • Update Forge to 2624
  • fix crashes with
    -- Betterfoliage
    -- LittleTiles
    -- RandomThings
    -- CubicChunks
    -- Maybe some others.

Beta Builds

Beta1 (3/12/2018)

  • Update Optifine to C9.

Beta2 (3/12/2018)

  • Fix Hide HUD (F1) not working right.
  • Fix main menu cursor being really weird in standing mode with always follows: on and a high world rotation setting.
  • Fix shaders sky oddities with 3rd person or MR mirror on.
  • Fix patreon HMDs always being black (oops sorry?)

Final Builds

Final (3/16/2018)

  • Nothing. Nada. Just ship it.

Final R1 (3/18/2018)

  • Fix water rendering glitch in 3rd person mirror mode
  • Make camera hotkeys repeat when held down.

Final R2 (3/20/2018)

  • Don't send server-wide chat messages when cycling mirror modes with F5. No one cares, dude. What you do on your own desktop is your business.

Final R3 (3/25/2018)

  • Force download controller transforms all the time cause sometimes Rift's don't send controller track/untrack events. Fixes Rift arm/pointing direction being off if game started with without controllers tracking.

NON-VR 7 Beta

  • Update to Optifine C7 and Forge 2583.
  • Can now choose custom Forge version during install. This voids the warranty.
  • Update MultiMC compatibility for 0.6.0+

NON-VR 7 Beta5

  • Update to Forge 2624

NON-VR 7 Beta6

  • Update to Optifine C9

NON-VR 7 Final

  • Release!

NON-VR 7 Finaler

  • Fix crash with chests and Forge.
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