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Initial Release Notes (2/22/2019)
  • Update to Minecraft 1.13.2
  • Optifine 1.13.2 E5
  • No Forge (for now)
  • Rewrite of all GUIs
  • Rewrite of input/mouse/keyboard system. No longer need window focus for anything.
  • Added new physical keyboard. Physical is now the default.
  • New positioning for 'wrist' hud mode. More like a watch now.
  • All new Main Menu Worlds.
  • Better GUI transparency, blending, and lighting.
  • Can move 3rd person / Mixed reality mirror camera from in-game by grabbing. Selfies, woo!
  • Added keybinds for 'move 3rd person camera', 'show/hide keyboard', 'swap 1st/3rd person mirror'
  • VR animations for the Trident.
  • VR interactions for fish and dolphin.
  • Updates to roomscale swimming and underwater shader.
  • World rotation via the 'rotate left' and 'rotate right' keybinds is now analog if the keybind is bound to something with an axis.
Revision 1 (2/24/2019)
  • Fix climbey item crafting in single and LAN play.
  • Minor tweaks to some GUI positioning
  • Re-enable HUD distance and size options for HEAD-lock mode
  • Cleanup controller button binding screen and make more intuitive.
  • Add option to use 'reset origin' while in standing mode. Allows better accessibility when playing seated with motion controls.
  • Rainbow butt-sparkles will now render for any level-4 patron even if they are not playing in VR.
Revision 2 (2/24/2019)
  • Fix animations on LAN
Revision 3 (2/27/2019)
  • Minor rendering fixes.
  • Yet more work on rainbow butt sparkles.
  • Improvements to physical keyboard.
Revision 4 (VR) (3/3/2019)
  • Re-add 'Vehicle Rotation' option and improve implementation. This is now on by default but previous versions forced it off so you may have to turn it back on yourself.
  • Revert some of the 'roomscale rowing' code to an older version that fixes it not working in seated mode or without vehicle rotation on.
  • Added 'roomscale dismount' feature, if you walk far enough away from your mount it will dismount you.
  • Added button 'combo' bindings. Set the button binding mode to 'AND' and select 2 buttons.
  • Misc rendering and other small bugs.
Revision 5 (VR) (3/4/2019) - Fix unintended visual glitch during teleport.
Revision 6 (VR) (3/15/2019)
  • Fix teleporter interacting wrongly with grass, water, seaweeds.
  • Make backpack switching a little harder to do accidentally.
  • Change out 'AND' bindings in favor of designated modifiers'
Revision 7 (VR), 4 (NON-VR)(3/25/2019)
  • Update Optifine to E7
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