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--This version uses SteamVR Input--
--You may need to reconfigure your controllers--

Release Notes

Initial (7/21/2019)
- Update to 1.14.4
- Multiplayer rendering now scales with the player's calibrated height
- Fix haptics not reverseing with reverse hands option.
- Updated enderman aggo logic
(this release is based on a preview version of Optifine so expect a revision)

Revision 1 (7/21/2019)

  • Fix invisible mobs with shaders
Assets 4

--This version uses SteamVR Input--
--You will need to reconfigure your controllers--

Beta Notes

Initial (7/4/2019)
- Update to 1.14.3
- Convert all controller handling to SteamVR Input
- New controller defaults for all vr systems
- Controller config is now done thru the SteamVR Dashboard
- Steam itself must be running to save edited controls.

Beta 1 (VR) (7/5/2019)

  • Fix debug profiler pie not rendering.

Beta 2 (NONVR) (7/5/2019)

  • Fix VR Player rendering

Beta 2 (VR) 3(NONVR) 7/5/219

  • Fix dropped items not appearing
  • Do better job forcing off CTM til we can fix it.

Beta 3 7/7/2019

  • New defaults for Index to avoid stick-clicking.
  • Allow loading to continue on VRInput failure. Allows seated play with Vridge or any other emulator that doesn't support SteamVR Input
  • Fix SteamVR init errors rendering as [][][][][][][] on startup.
  • Add some options for Menu World selection.
  • Fix render distance not changing immediately
  • Fix tutorial message displaying forever
  • Add toggle binding for Player List
  • Add binding to switch between free move and teleport
  • Experimental switch to permanent SteamVR Application Manifest

Beta 5 7/8/2019

  • Fix held arrow angle for non-vive controllers
  • Fix teleporter arc not rendering with shaders
  • Add 'swipe' hotbar binding.

Beta 6 7/8/2019

  • Experiment failed

Beta 8 7/10/2019

  • Hopefully fix crash changing shader pack
  • Fix some optifine settings not being applied immediately.

Beta 9 7/11/2019

  • Fix wrong projection for Pimax.
  • Force off some common problematic shader options
  • Fix black GUIs in SEUS PTGI. Likely break other shaders.

Beta 10 7/12/2019

  • Added back super-low brightness mode
  • Improvements to 3rd person archery rendering.
  • You can punch flowers again.
  • Fix some crashes when disconnecting suddenly.

Beta 4 (NONVR) 7/12/2019

  • Improvements to 3rd person archery rendering.

Beta 11 7/12/2019

  • Move some keybinds around.

Beta 12 7/13/2019

  • Fix non-standard horse mounted offsets.

Beta 5 (NONVR) 7/13/2019

  • Fix patreon reward assets not loading.
Release Notes
  • Initial

    • Added optional chat sound/haptic notifications settings
    • Added additional options for FOV Comfort Reduction
    • Added framework for server-enforced teleport and world scale settings
  • Revision 1 (7/14/2019)

    • Fix Connected Textures
    • Minor bugfix to climbey
    • Add framework to play music with controller haptics, because.
  • Revision 2 (VR) (7/15/2019)

    • Fix movement bug for vive wands and leaving the ground
    • Add 'reversed hands' default bindings to making switching easier. Restart game after turning on Reverse Hands.
  • Revision 3 (VR) (7/15/2019)

    • Fix crossbow angle for rift/index style controllers
    • Render some more items as held items and allow roomscale combat with them.
  • Revision 4 (VR) 3 (NONVR) (7/17/2019)

    • Force ipv4 harder in installer
Assets 4
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