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1.12.2 v7
Please only use this plugin with builds of Spigot from after January 2018

  • Fix recipe deprecation warning.
  • Revert arrow spawn / chunk boundary workaround so arrows spawn instantly again. Requires updated build of Spigot or arrow might disappear if fired over a chunk boundary.
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1.12.X v6 (2/8/2018)

  • Support for toggling off Roomscale Bow.

1.12.X v5 (12/8/2017)

  • Fix permission groups not being set.
  • Fix some message issues.

1.12.X v4 (11/24/2017)
Synchronize VR Player handling with integrated LAN server. Fire arrow in right direction in more situations. Check for updates only once, asynchronously.

1.10.2 v3, 1.11.2 v9, 1.12.2 v3
Fix issue with arrows despawning when fired over chunk boundaries.

@jrbudda jrbudda released this Apr 28, 2017 · 3 commits to 110 since this release

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Updating plugin for 1.10.2 spigot. 1.11.2 version is the same.

1.10.2 r2.5 update: fix enderman crash(s)

Apr 28, 2017


dont need dat
Apr 28, 2017


dont need dat
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  • Fix several bugs with wrong join messages
  • Added join message for vanilla players (muggles)
  • Blanking a join message or removing the entry will disable that message.
  • Join messages now disabled by default.
  • Default join messages make more sense.
  • vive-only-kickwaittime now clamped to the range 100-1000 (10 was too short)
  • /vive list now usable by anyone.
  • Moved the update check to my repo.

@jrbudda jrbudda released this Mar 9, 2017 · 17 commits to master since this release

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  • Add new climbey options for server owners. You can now either whitelist only certainly blocks for climbing, or blacklist certain blocks from climbing. Should allow you to setup your server how you want for most players while supporting some kind of climb-courses.
  • Plugin now outputs a config-instructions.yml which has comments in it. Make sure you actually edit config.yml.
  • Don't save config on plugin disable.
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Updated to r1 to fix boots recipe. Will show up in game as 6 instead of 6beta37.

Thanks to Jaron780 for his contributions to VSE.

  • Support climbeymotion.
    • Clear fall damage while climbing, very important.
    • Adds crafting recipes for climbeymotion items.
  • New direct-teleport support. Skips anti-cheat checks. This will all allow us to put the 'moved-wrongly' thresholds back to normal values and still support teleporting. Clients must update to version 6 of Vivecraft.
  • Added /vse list command to show all players on the server and how they're playing (VR, seated, etc)
  • Discord user cool_nick_name has added in 'headshot' bow options to increase bow damage for accuracy. Check out the config.yml for details.
  • Jaron has added a whole range of options to prevent PVP between vr and non vr situations. Check out the config.yml for details.
  • Added /vse set to set a config.yml option from in-game
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update v6b - fix crash if server has multiple worlds.

From the desk of jaron780:

  • Autocomplete /vive or /vse commands
  • Differentiate Vivecraft and Vivecraft NonVR Companion players.
  • Configurable welcome messages.