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Fixed optimizer config syntax (having .js will not compile) #29

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Anton Rissanen James Burke
Anton Rissanen

When I use the .js extension, r.js (v 2.0.1) won't compile. Fix the docs to reflect this better.

James Burke jrburke merged commit 396c26c into from
James Burke

Thanks! Merged.

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@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ The [text]( and
Run the optimizer using [Node]( (also [works in Java](
- node r.js -o baseUrl=. name=path/to/almond.js include=main out=main-built.js wrap=true
+ node r.js -o baseUrl=. name=path/to/almond include=main out=main-built.js wrap=true
This assumes your project's top-level script file is called main.js and the command
above is run from the directory containing main.js. If you prefer to use a build.js build profile instead of command line arguments, [this RequireJS optimization section]( has info on how to do that.
@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ or, if using a build config file:
baseUrl: '.',
- name: 'path/to/almond.js',
+ name: 'path/to/almond',
include: ['main'],
insertRequire: ['main'],
out: 'main-built.js',
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