Event library with latest value support, mixin for objects
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An event library with "latest value support, mixin for objects to become event emitters.

Other notes about it:

  • the module itself is an event emitter. Useful for "global" pub/sub.
  • evt.mix can be used to mix in an event emitter into existing object.
  • notification of listeners is done in a try/catch, so all listeners are notified even if one fails.
  • Errors when notifying listeners in emit() are available via evt.emit('error'). If there are no error listeners for 'error', then console.error() is used to log the error with a stack trace.
  • new evt.Emitter() can be used to create a new instance of an event emitter.
  • Uses "this" internally, so always call object with the emitter args.
  • Allows passing Object, propertyName for listeners, to allow Object[propertyName].apply(Object, ...) listener calls.


Apache License 2.0