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# vim:ts=4:sts=4:sw=4:et:tw=60
- Added an "end" method to the promise prototype,
as a shorthand for waiting for the promise to
be resolved gracefully, and failing to do so,
to dump an error message.
- *Removed the utility modules. NPM and Node no longer
expose any module except the main module. These have
been moved and merged into the "qq" package.
- *In a non-CommonJS browser, q.js can be used as a script.
It now creates a Q global variable.
- Fixed thenable assimilation.
- Fixed some issues with asap, when it resolves to
undefined, or throws an exception.
- The `post` method has been reverted to its original
signature, as provided in Tyler Close's `ref_send` API.
That is, `post` accepts two arguments, the second of
which is an arbitrary object, but usually invocation
arguments as an `Array`. To provide variadic arguments
to `post`, there is a new `invoke` function that posts
the variadic arguments to the value given in the first
- The `defined` method has been moved from `q` to `q/util`
since it gets no use in practice but is still
theoretically useful.
- The `Promise` constructor has been renamed to
`makePromise` to be consistent with the convention that
functions that do not require the `new` keyword to be
used as constructors have camelCase names.
- The `isResolved` function has been renamed to
`isFulfilled`. There is a new `isResolved` function that
indicates whether a value is not a promise or, if it is a
promise, whether it has been either fulfilled or
rejected. The code has been revised to reflect this
nuance in terminology.
- Added `join` to `"q/util"` for variadically joining
multiple promises.
- The future-compatible `invoke` method has been added,
to replace `post`, since `post` will become backward-
incompatible in the next major release.
- Exceptions thrown in the callbacks of a `when` call are
now emitted to Node's `"uncaughtException"` `process`
event in addition to being returned as a rejection reason.
- Exceptions thrown in the callbacks of a `when` call
are now consumed, warned, and transformed into
rejections of the promise returned by `when`.
- Fixed a minor bug in thenable assimilation, regressed
because of the change in the forwarding protocol.
- Fixed behavior of "q/util" `deep` method on dates and
other primitives. Github issue #11.
- Thenables (objects with a "then" method) are accepted
and provided, bringing this implementation of Q
into conformance with Promises/A, B, and D.
- Added `makePromise`, to replace the `Promise` function
- Rejections are now also duck-typed. A rejection is a
promise with a valueOf method that returns a rejection
descriptor. A rejection descriptor has a
"promiseRejected" property equal to "true" and a
"reason" property corresponding to the rejection reason.
- Altered the `makePromise` API such that the `fallback`
method no longer receives a superfluous `resolved` method
after the `operator`. The fallback method is responsible
only for returning a resolution. This breaks an
undocumented API, so third-party API's depending on the
previous undocumented behavior may break.
- Changed promises into a duck-type such that multiple
instances of the Q module can exchange promise objects.
A promise is now defined as "an object that implements the
`promiseSend(op, resolved, ...)` method and `valueOf`".
- Exceptions in promises are now captured and returned
as rejections.
- Fixed bug in `ref` that prevented `del` messages from
being received (gozala)
- Fixed a conflict with FireFox 4; constructor property
is now read-only.
- Added `keys` message to promises and to the promise API.
- Added boilerplate to `q/queue` and `q/util`.
- Fixed missing dependency to `q/queue`.
- The `resolve` and `reject` methods of `defer` objects now
return the resolution promise for convenience.
- Added `q/util`, which provides `step`, `delay`, `shallow`,
`deep`, and three reduction orders.
- Added `q/queue` module for a promise `Queue`.
- Added `q-comm` to the list of compatible libraries.
- Deprecated `defined` from `q`, with intent to move it to
- Changed post(ref, name, args) to variadic
post(ref, name, ...args). BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE
- Added a def(value) method to annotate an object as being
necessarily a local value that cannot be serialized, such
that inter-process/worker/vat promise communication
libraries will send messages to it, but never send it
- Added a send(value, op, ...args) method to the public API, for
forwarding messages to a value or promise in a future turn.
- Added isRejected() for testing whether a value is a rejected
promise. isResolved() retains the behavior of stating
that rejected promises are not resolved.
- Fixed isResolved(null) and isResolved(undefined) [issue #9]
- Fixed a problem with the Object.create shim
- shimmed ES5 Object.create in addition to Object.freeze
for compatibility on non-ES5 engines (gozala)
- Q.isResolved added
- promise.valueOf() now returns the value of resolved
and near values
- asap retried
- promises are frozen when possible
- fixed dependency list for Teleport (gozala)
- all unit tests now pass (gozala)
- added support for Teleport as an engine (gozala)
- simplified and updated methods for getting internal
print and enqueue functions universally (gozala)
- fixed erroneous link to the q module in package.json
- restructured for overlay style package compatibility
- removed asap because it was broken, probably down to the
- removed q-util
- fixed asap so it returns a value if completed
- added q-util
- initial version
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