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Is it OK to do:
import { gammaName: name } from gamma;
export gammaName;
What about setting the export for the module to a function?
* Get builds to work
* Just use the text plugin, and use its inlining? So that import * can be supported.
switch to text plugin?
- How to handle .js URLs? nameToUrl, but text no longer uses it.
- could use own xhr stuff as now, use nameToUrl if available?
- need built format to work well for IMPORTSTAR text.
put in demo
Text parsing that fails:
module two from 'two',
three from 'three',
four from '!four'; //comment here
module two from 'two',
three from 'three',
//comment in here.
four from '!four';
Cannot use .js for files, use .hm:
* want optimizer to still work. Will try to optimize .js file via minifiers,
which will break with the new keywords.