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# This script updates the sub projects that depend on the main requirejs
# project. It is assumed the sub projects are siblings to this project
# the the names specified below.
echo "Updating r.js"
cp require.js ../r.js/require.js
cd ../r.js
node dist.js
cd ../requirejs
# The RequireJS+jQuery sample project.
echo "Updating jQuery sample project"
cp require.js ../require-jquery/parts/require.js
cp ../r.js/r.js ../require-jquery/jquery-require-sample/r.js
cd ../require-jquery/parts
cd ../../requirejs
# The require-cs project
echo "Updating the require-cs CoffeeScript plugin"
cp require.js ../require-cs/demo/lib/require.js
cp ../r.js/r.js ../require-cs/tools/r.js
# The example service
echo "Updating example"
cp ../r.js/r.js ../
# The jquery-amd project
echo "Updating jqueryui-amd"
cp ../require-jquery/jquery-require-sample/webapp/scripts/require-jquery.js ../jqueryui-amd/example/webapp/scripts/require-jquery.js
cp ../r.js/r.js ../jqueryui-amd/example/r.js
# The npm container stuff
echo "Updating requirejs-npm"
cp require.js ../requirejs-npm/requirejs/require.js
cp ../r.js/r.js ../requirejs-npm/requirejs/bin/r.js
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