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Release Notes
1.1 items?
- map stuff
- with config:
- remove special jquery detection, only do it for define() calls.
- check bug list
- robust handling for anon modules loaded outside loader.
- read config from main.js file for build?
- baseUrl and name optional in optimizer? r.js -o include=a,b out=foo.js
- globals: config to help underscore case?
- remove packagePaths config.
- Just remove packages config altogether, suggest volojs for making adapter modules.
- requirejs.undef
- example of requirejs.onError for fallback.
- what about onError cleanup:
- allow error handler either per context, or per top-level require call.
- Config options: "main" and rename "deps" to "include" to match how build can read config now.
Next release
- add pluginBuilder to the load api
- problem with just require(['./relative/id']) inside a define call, the relative
parentMap is not used because missing a function callback?
- make a note: order plugin is only useful for some top level dependencies that
do not use define/require api. otherwise mixing is bad.
- test latest ie 10, see if it is still good
- require-cs circular ref:
- Split plugins and their docs into separate repos with READMEs, keep the
tests in requirejs repo for now.
- coffeescript 1.2 released, switch over the cs plugin.
- make a decision matrix of when to use what. Mention lowercase names for file name convention.
- order plugin not work with phantomjs build?
CentOS 5.6 (Final), PhantomJS 1.4.1, Qt 4.7
- paths entry for to remote domain/port, but then do a require.toUrl('') and it returns
a local path instead of the remote path?
- Should mention 'empty:' on the optimization page, particularly for excluding content.
- Try dojo with requirejs
- upload plugins to cdnjs
- Spine
- handlebars
- raphael
- less
- jquery plugins
- Work on module adapter format: make sure global for jquery uses jQuery.
- If OK, then do pull request for backbone branch.
- clarify commonjs wrapping in amd api page.
- Doc: add info about overriding requirejs.onError.
- consider opt in fallback for define calls, detect require, doc.write it...
- Need to document define.amd.jQuery flag.
- onResourceLoad, useful?
- cdnjs: how to use with fallback
- has() source trimming, needs brace matching?
- need to surface pragmasOnSave better?
- example using backbone and such.
- example that shows how to do a "include *" in a build.
- coffeescript: extend duplication:
- integrate properly with cpm
- A way to support local file/other kinds of caches?
- Pointer to motivations behind current thing, reason for dependencies.
- Update the coffeescript plugin to use the writeFile API?
- jjb's diagnostic/debug branch with dependency mappings
- define as a special dependency?
- replacement for modify that intercepts callbacks, holds off until another module loads them?
- A way to show dependency graph too?
- Minify the require.js files with UglifyJS.
- process by 2/21
- If any other info: IE checkLoaded recursion?
- require.modify alternative syntax/patch.
- has.js plugins
- Visualization of dependencies, highlighting circular dependencies
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